Chainsaws May Be a Six-Year Old Thing

November 2, 2008

Random Granddaughter and the mommies have visited and gone home.

We had a good visit.


Number of dolls and stuffed animals traveling with Barely extended family: 4 (two dollies, one teddy bear, one octopus).

Meltdowns (tantrums) 0.

Minor whining episodes: 3

Friendly Dominique chicken (at Friendly Neighbors’ backyard/garden) petted: 1 (several times)

Chickens and ducks fed lettuce at Friendly Neighbors: 12. (Although they pecked aggressively at the lettuce, RG fed them bravely and confidently before tossing the lettuce on the ground when there was too little too hold without likelihood of hand being pecked.)

Parsley picked for Grandma because our crop failed (two large bunches).

Very fresh organic eggs purchased from Friendly Neighbors by delighted mommies: two dozen. (RG safely carried a dozen eggs toward our home until she stopped to visit Joe’s overly friendly dog Leat in lot #2.)

Friendly but overenthusiastically dog petted: 1 (cautiously)

Ripe organic Esopus Spitzenberg apples picked from tree by RG: at least a dozen.

Organic carrots pulled out of the ground and washed by RG: 3

Good solid lunch consumed with reasonably good table manners: 1 (to amazement of all adults. (Menu included quesadilla, Grandma’s home baked bread spread with cream cheese, carrot slices, Esopus Spitzenberg apple slices, Swiss Cheese and Cheddar Cheese slices. RG passed on Grandma’s pea soup, but given her excellent attention to the rest of the menu, adults took her menu choices in good humor. For dessert Grandma provided applecrisp made with Esopus Spitzenberg apples covered with vanilla ice cream. Adults all agreed that the apples bake very well. RG consumed the desert with evident enthusiasm and delight).

Whine about taking a nap after lunch: 1 (out of three total for the day).

Solid nap taken by one very tired little girl: 1

Decision by mommies about purchasing battery powered tractor or child-powered backhoe/digger with Grandparents’ points from credit union credit card: split decision (Mommy said no; Mama–Random Daughter-gestured thumbs down. Consensus lacking, final decision-no expensive toys for Christmas present.)

Very inexpert chain saw demonstration provided by Grandpa, (finishing process of taking down a fairly good-sized alder next to drive way that had fallen on other trees and was leaning awkwardly and unattractively: 1

Four-year-old child who did not like chain saw demonstration (particularly noise) and left the scene fairly quickly: 1 (However, when Grandpa asked if said child would like the battery-powered toy chain saw he had seen in the chain saw and logging supply catalog, said child said yes. Grandpa guesses chainsaw toy will also be vetoed by mommies.)

Barely extended family who expressed satisfaction with the visit as they left: 5 (one granddaughter, one Mommy, one Mama, one Grandma, one Grandpa).

Possibility of getting together next weekend for “Baby-Doll Tea” at tea s hop on island: maybe.


8 Responses to “Chainsaws May Be a Six-Year Old Thing”

  1. truce Says:

    There are battery-powered toy chain saws for children????! Good grief.

    Sounds like a wonderful visit. I think the expressed satisfaction quotient would be higher, could we only understand the voices of the various animals treated to an RG petting during the visit. 🙂

  2. The whole description made me sigh blissfully. It made me want to go to see you and be a PRD (Pretend Random Daughter). 🙂

  3. Sounds like a great time was had by all. I support deferring major farm equipment at least until grade school.

  4. Pete Says:

    I bought my wife a chainsaw for Christmas 2 yrs ago. We are still happily married! She LOVES the saw and even used it this past weekend. The sooner you get RD using one, the sooner she’ll be taking care of your place!! No?

  5. modestypress Says:

    Pete, actually, I am more interested in getting my wife a chain saw for real. (We sent much of this weekend using the chainsaw, but mine is too big for my wife to use.)

    About a year ago, we took a chainsaw class at a local county park, taught by the park director who is a woman who grew up using chainsaws. By coincidence she is about the same size as my wife and has an appropriately-sized chain saw. She was going to use it for demonstrating, but instead she loaned it to my wife who had a wonderful time whacking away during the class.

    A few weeks ago, the Friendly Neighbor mentioned to me that he had in his basement a chain saw belonging to somebody in his church (church members cut a lot of wood and donate it to elderly people for firewood). He said he didn’t think the owner really used it anymore and might be willing to sell it to us for a low price.

    If it works out, my wife will get a surprise present one of these days. Nobody tell her.

  6. modestypress Says:


    I am trying to teach the chickens to peck blog comments.


    We’re working on the be a Random Daughter and be a Random Granddaughter vacation retreat.


    I suppose, though I am not sure how the grade school will take it when RG plows up the front lawn for her carrot patch. Oh, well, I guess you can’t make a carrot cake without shredding a few carrots.

  7. Mr. Random, she needs a copy of The Carrot Seed. She’s just exactly the right age for it and she will completely understand it.

    Get her A Hole Is To Dig, too, she can read it on days it’s too wet to plow. 😀

  8. Corina Says:

    Yeah, I’m sure the battery powered toy chainsaw will be vetoed.

    Sounds like an excellent vacation! I hope you can do it all again soon.

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