RG Photography Premium Report

November 7, 2008

In terms of premiums for David Rochester’s pledge drive, when the total contributions actually arriving at David’s mail box with an indication they wish to receive the “See Random Granddaughter’s Photography Premium” reach a total of $25, I will make available to those contributors two photographs: one taken by RG, and the other showing her petting a chicken. (If you already sent in your contribution, and notify me now, that’s fine. This is a “we’re easy” pledge drive.”)

I just uploaded the photos to my online photo storage site.

 The first photo, framed very nicely by four-year-old Random Granddaughter, shows Mr. Friendly Neighbor, Mrs. Friendly Neighbor, Grandma Random, Grandpa Random, Mommy (birth mother and Random Daughter’s out-of-law partner) and Mama (Random Daughter).

The other photo shows Random Daughter petting a Dominique chicken. I don’t know if I am an expert on decoding chickens’ facial expressions, but it looks like a fairly pleased chicken to me, as well it should be.

RG will be visiting us on the island (with mommies in tow) on Sunday for “Baby Doll Tea” at an Island tea shoppe. We went to this event a year or two ago. I don’t have the post on this blog site, but the striking occurrence we all noticed was RG’s superior parenting skills. At the next table a young mother with a real baby was feeding it pop in a bottle. At our table, RG pulled up her t-shirt and nursed her dolly.

Who knows what RG will do this year? Perhaps if she sees a real parent and real child fussing at each other, RG will pull them together and conduct a family therapy session in the midst of the tea shoppe.


2 Responses to “RG Photography Premium Report”

  1. I can’t wait for the tea report. Do keep us posted … it promises to be epic.

  2. pandemonic Says:

    One of my first pets was a chicken. Then my mother decided to kill him for dinner. He was well over a year old, so he was tough to eat as he was in the yard. I was despondent. I couldn’t eat him. I’m just going by the reviews of the rest of the family.

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