Revenge of the Wild Life

November 9, 2008

On the way to the gym, I stopped at the Friendly Neighbors to pick up a dozen eggs. The egg carton would not close. The Friendly Neighbors pointed out that one of the eggs was twice as large as all the other eggs. Perhaps one of their chickens is really an ostrich in disguise.

It’s been a stressful week at the Friendly Neighbors. Although they had the henhouse/duckhouse covered with fabric netting as protection, there was a little corner behind some trees and bushes uncovered. The knew about the opening, but weren’t too worried about it as it was out of sight.

A hawk found its way in and dispatched a duck. Although the FNs quickly closed the barn door, so to speak, the next day the hawk caught a (wild) dove and consumed it just outside the poultry dwelling, just to let everyone know it’s still around and waiting for the next moment.

Also, one of the Auracana chickens died. Apparently, it had been egg-bound several times and had just been warn out from a hard life of egg-laying.

To complete the calamities, Mr. Friendly Neighbor struck a deep [deer–leaving typo in so comments make sense] with his pickup truck. It had jumped a fence (not far from where I’ve hit two deer, but on the other side of the highway). He stopped by the road to dispose of the deer (being more conscientious than I), but the deer had disappeared. Unclear whether the deer had only been grazed and gamboled off no wiser than before, or had made it deep into the woods to succumb in terrible pain and suffering.

I suppose not that much different than deer hunting, except nothing to eat at the end of the whole affair. I imagine the mommies will not want me to tell RG about this at the tea, so I will be discreet.

5 Responses to “Revenge of the Wild Life”

  1. Goodness — tough times for the Friendly Neighbors. You have a marvelous typo, which leads you to tell us that Mr. Neighbor struck a “deep” with his pickup truck, and then your next words tell us that this deep jumped a fence. Not being sufficiently caffeinated yet this morning, my first thought was that this is a quaint local phrase for a ditch, and then I was understandably amazed that your island ditches are mobile.

  2. I am thinking I can get a whole story out of that typo. My favorite thing about your typos is that they are seldom standard nonsensical gibberish ones. They have wonderlandish thurberyness.

    Could the giant egg have been a small duck egg, wandered from the appropriate dropping spot?

  3. I agree with you about Mr. Random’s typos — they’re magical. I’ve noticed this about them before, but usually I just chortle with delight and don’t point them out. This one was too good to pass up, though.

  4. Alf Says:

    Спасибо! Супер статья! Блог в ридер однозначно

  5. Random Name Says:

    Спасибо за Ваш комментарий. За исключением cpacebo Я не говорю по-русски. Я обмана с помощью Google перевести для меня.

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