RG Starts to Play the Field

November 9, 2008

Random Granddaughter has always had plenty of toys, stuffed animals, and dolls. For reasons only she knew, she focused on two as racially superior: a doll known as “special baby,” (focus of her maternal instincts and her I need “special comfort and reassurance” instincts) and a raggedy stuffed bunny, known only as “bunny.” Bunny is a rascal and the usual forum for ventilating hostilities and picking on other dollies. It may be a good thing that RG did not have any little brothers or sisters, though she has begun to express a wish for a little sister of late.

However, in planning for her trip to the tea shoppe, she has indicated that neither special baby nor bunny are coming along on the trip. Evidently, at the age of almost five, RG is starting to “play the field.”

Mommies informed her that though she may bring two dolls to the outing, only one doll gets a “goodie” that RG consumes for her. RG indicates she understands. Stay tuned. RG is a manipulator of great skill. I will do all I can to keep her out of politics, at least as long as I am still alive to keep an eye on her.


3 Responses to “RG Starts to Play the Field”

  1. Perhaps RG and her clever wiles will save our country (or propel it headlong into Hell) thirty years from now. I hope I’m still alive to see it. (Did I just say that?? Your pledge drive must be working.)

  2. I just had a sudden flash of RG as the female ruler in one of those Star Trek episodes, the ones where they were horrified to discover male-centric civilization existed. 🙂

  3. modestypress Says:

    I have similar thoughts about RG’s future. The future (if it continues to exist) will be far too weird for us to even imagine.

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