RG’s Day at the Zoo Withe Cherry Vile Prep (Part 4)

November 22, 2008

The main alternative to existential despair is religious belief. In our culture, Christianity is the main variety of religious belief. Some of my readers are devout Christians. You are allowed to post comments expressing your belief in my blog until and unless your comments bore me. (No one has come close to this limit so far.)

Random Granddaughter will be allowed to become a Christian if she decides, too, but she probably won’t be allowed to read a web site such as the Christian “blog” worldmagblog until she is much older, if ever. If she does convert to Christianity and then tries to pick on” her mommies as an evangelical Christian (of the variety that noisily abhors gay people), she will be written out of my will.

[Though she’s not in my will, which I responsibly rewrote this year, as it would have become too complicated to write her in. So my meager belongings go to her mommies after my demise. So RG better stay on good terms with her mommies and be nice to them if she knows what is good for her.]


4 Responses to “RG’s Day at the Zoo Withe Cherry Vile Prep (Part 4)”

  1. You know, speaking as one of your readers who may be considered by some to be devout, I would appreciate it if you would put quotation marks around “Christians”, as in the noisily abhor gay people ones.

    I’m not worried about RG getting disowned.

  2. modestypress Says:

    As a non-Christian, I seldom put quotation marks around the word “Christian,” though I more often exchange comments with Christians at the web site worldmagblog (wmb) on a variety of subjects, including homosexuality. I comment less often on this topic on my own blog, though I don’t avoid it altogether.

    I have recently several times posted a statement on wmb somewhat along the lines of the following:

    Although I am not a religious believe, I have a sense of good and evil. Under the category of evil I put activities such as murder, torture, rape, etc.

    I also believe in bad consequences that occur as a result activies such as careless and unprotected sexual activity, forgetting to wash hands after using the bathroom, or feeding children a poor diet.

    I don’t put the word “sin” in the same category. “Sin” ofen strikes me as referring to an activity I dislike but find more impressive if I attribute it to God, as well as more likely to convince other people to adhere to my preferences and dislikes.

  3. OK. 🙂 I can definitely see not wanting to get in the habit of using the quotation marks, given that — I just wanted to let you know that in my head, they belong there.

  4. modestypress Says:


    I understand and appreciate.

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