Truck Buying and Internet Dating, Chilean Version

November 26, 2008

We are trying to buy a pickup truck over the Internet. Over the years I have bought quite a few things over the Internet. I have used Usenet, also known as Newsgroups, I have used eBay. Most recently, I have started to use Craig’s List. In the past, when purchasing materials goods, I sometimes have had very good luck by placing Item wanted ads instead of searching Items for sale ads, though this method has not brought me invariable success and satisfaction. Still, at times it’s worth a try.

Most of our lives we have gotten along with one vehicle. We have never owned a new vehicle. I am not talented with understanding how cars work, much less fixing them. We did eventually reach the point where we were able to buy fairly recent economy cars from rental car companies. That worked fairly well, though there were some problems.

When we decided to buy acreage on an island, my wife decided we needed a pickup truck. We bought a used pickup truck from a man who had fixed and maintained it himself.  We were rather rushed; I found the process and the seller irritating. However, it worked out reasonably well, though we had to have some of the work he had done on the truck himself done over again by professionals.

My car is running OK, but it is burning oil and is clearly close to worn out. My wife’s truck is running OK, but it is leaking oil and is close to worn out. As soon as we buy a newer and healthier used truck, we are going to sell our close-to-worn-out vehicles. We will tell the purchasers that the truth about the vehicles. The truth is that they will need some fairly extensive work fairly soon and how long they will last is uncertain. The proper purchasers will be people who are skilled at working on their own cars and want to buy them cheaply.

I placed a detailed “pick-up truck wanted” ad on Craig’s List, explaining what we wanted in detail. Some of the features were extended cab (so we can carry groceries and other supplies, and transport Random Granddaughter in her car seat in a back seat), full-length bed, automatic transmission (my wife can drive a vehicle with a manual transmission, but she does not like to). Four-wheel drive is optional. It is useful once in a while, but temperamental and expensive to get fixed. We don’t need “gee-gaws” such as cruise control or an elaborate stereo. My wife is small in stature, so we need a small truck that she feels comfortable driving: a truck in which she can see out the windshield while reaching the pedals, etc. Many pick-up trucks are too large for my wife to drive comfortably.

When we settle on a likely truck for purchase, I will have it inspected by an excellent garage we know. My daughter and her partner have used this business for years; they are demanding customers; they are still happy with X auto repair. X auto repair has reviews on the Internet; the reviews are uniformly positive and happy. My wife and I used them a few times before we moved away. We had no reason to complain. They are skillful, honest, and trustworthy.

I received replies from several sellers with possibly suitable used trucks for sale. At first, the best truck was fancier, was more expensive, and had more gee-gaws than we needed. The owner obviously has a lot of money and a number of vehicles, but he seems honest and straightforward enough. While we were talking to him, we heard from Angelica.

Angelica’s truck seems to fit our needs very well. Angelica seems honest and straightforward. I have yet to talk on the phone to Angelica, much less meet her. She doesn’t always answer her email promptly. This is what I have learned about her so far.

Angelica lives on the mainland, not far from our island. Angelica is from Chile, as her mother, who was the real owner of the truck. She sounds like a Chilean “truck-driving momma.”

 Angelica attended and graduated from the University of Michigan and then moved to Washington where she got a job working in some sort of retail business. The truck belonged to her mother, who lived with Angelica while she was attending the university. Angelica and her mother drove from Michigan to Washington. Angelica is even shorter than my wife. Her truck, like my wife’s truck, is a Ford Ranger, a small “economy” pickup truck. My wife’s truck is a 1992 model and has about 150,000 miles on it. Angelica’s truck is a 1970 and has 70,000 miles on it.

Angelica at one time had a small, economy car but it was destroyed in a wreck. Her mother gave her truck to Angelica, and then returned to Chile. However, Angelica feels more comfortable driving a small car (though she can drive the truck); she wants to sell the truck and buy a car. However, she works long hours at her retail job and is in the midst of Christmas rush, so it has been hard so far for us to get together to even talk on the phone, much less meet and look at the truck, much less get the truck inspected. Evidently, after her job, Angelica is exhausted and goes home and collapses.

I have tried to call Angelica. She never answers her phone. I have asked her to call us. So far she has not done so. Sometimes it takes several days for her to answer an email.

Angelica’s story may all be perfectly true and reasonable. Also, it is possible that Angelica is not telling us something or is hiding something from us. Our experience so far is a little bit like trying to date someone over the internet. I am tempted to say to Angelica,

“For God’s sake, woman. You contacted me first! Now you are being all coy when I ask you to stay in touch. You sent me your phone number, and asked me to call you. Now you never answer your phone or return phone messages. You said, my truck has low mileage and is in very good shape; that is why I am asking the price I do. I said, I will pay the price you ask after my mechanic checks the truck out. I passed an opportunity to buy another very good truck to get your truck. I would like some evidence you are serious about this.

To put it bluntly, Internet dating sucks. I suppose if I press her on following up on her interest, I will be served with a restraining order and told not to harass her any more. I will counter with a breach of promise of promise suit, filed by a transgender attorney.


7 Responses to “Truck Buying and Internet Dating, Chilean Version”

  1. truce Says:

    Angelica? I am picturing a hideous ceramic woman painted in garish multi-coloured fruit… no, wait, that’s majolica.

  2. modestypress Says:

    I am hoping to meet Angelica one of these days. I have only communicated with her by email. I did leave a message on her voice mail and heard a snippet of (I presume her voice) which did not seem to have a Chilean accent at all. Of course, I have never met anyone from Chile, so I have no idea what a Chilean accent would sound like.

    At the moment, I do not know if Angelica actually exists, or for that matter, if the country of Chile actually exists. These are known as the Special Conspiracy Theory and the General Conspiracy Theory, however, any connection between these theories and Einstein’s theories is strictly relative.

  3. Dump the truck, and move on. The fact that you had so many suitable responses so quickly would seem to indicate that the perfect match truck does exist, if only you will wait for it. Fate will smile upon you if you flip Angelica the bird.

  4. modestypress Says:

    Random News Service reports that Homeland Security has put the nation’s law enforcement officers on alert as they have picked up intelligence of a terrorist attack on the United States emanating from Chile.

    Apparently a dangerous agent, known variously as “truck driving mama” and “Angelica’s mom, is headed for a Puget Sound island, armed with many deadly weapons, starting with a frying pan.

    Contacted by our ace reporter Eman Modnar, Random Name, the apparent target of the attack, said that he had just finished doing an hour on his treadmill. “I am ready either to eat turkey or to flee into the woods behind my house yelling “gobble gobble, there’s nobody here but us turkeys.”

  5. If you flee as described above, please film for our entertainment.

  6. Spectrum Says:

    I am thinking about trading, vertically, so to speak. Since I am now mommy, I have pondered a larger vehicle, a newer model with equivalent (slightly more) features but more miles. I am planning on keeping it 2 years then trading for a newer/new car like what a real hot mama drives. It seems my car is just a little cramped with all of us in it, and our gear! Best of luck on your endeavors. My father-in-law owns his own car lot, so if I choose to trade, I should have an easy go of it. No, “Angelic” people to deal with, just in-laws, who are very nice people, truely.

  7. modestypress Says:

    Spectrum, that sounds wonderful. I hope your father-in-law is surviving the auto industry meltdown.

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