Angelica’s Pickup Truck Is Tied to the Railroad Tracks

November 30, 2008

Angelica is supposed to call us this morning and make arrangements for us to meet her and her pickup truck today. One of the frequent flaws of my “more than fatal” schemes is they lead to immense complications. Bad for me; perhaps entertaining for you; stay tuned.

We visited the barely extended family yesterday for a post-Thanksgiving ham dinner. One of Random Granddaughter’s “adoptive” aunts (and the aunt’s sister) also attended.

Though surrounded by boring adults engaged in boring adult conservation, RG behaved fairly well. We all had a good time in the midst of family and adopted family.

One Response to “Angelica’s Pickup Truck Is Tied to the Railroad Tracks”

  1. Spectrum Says:

    On the bright side, I’ve made my lateral trade and plan on getting the tags and inspection sticker tomorrow. My car is now 4 sale. You wanna buy it? :)!!

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