RG’s Day at the Zoo With Cherry Vile Prep (Part 7)

November 30, 2008

On the individual horrible level, there is the Austrian Josef Fritzl, who imprisoned and raped some of his children. However, he now claims to be an addict. Apparently, that is his excuse for his behavior.

I am sure there is a support group somewhere for Torturers and Rapists of Children, Anonymous. (TRC Anon).


4 Responses to “RG’s Day at the Zoo With Cherry Vile Prep (Part 7)”

  1. That story continues to literally make me sick. (The Fritzl story … not your blog.)

  2. I miss the news a lot. I think it might be things like this that have led me to begin missing it so frequently.

    I like to remind people, when they scold me about it, that the motto of the news is “If it bleeds, it leads.” There’s something inherently wrong with that, I think. It just kind of grabs things and leads them by the ear down the wrong path. . . it’s like saying, “Johnny, if you kick the cat, we’ll look at you.”

  3. C'hele Says:

    I agree with David. I have no other words to add to this either.

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