Not a Place to Put RG’s Piggy Bank Money or David’s Shareware Money

December 6, 2008

Once in my life, quite a long time ago, I had a clever and perceptive investment idea. I spotted a computer innovation that I knew would be hot. I made some money, though not nearly as much as I might have, for many reasons.

The innovation was called the “Zip Drive.” It was released by a small company at the time that was almost broke: Iomega Corporation.

The following is not an investment recommendation. I repeat: I am not giving anyone advice.

It is a new technology that sounds very interesting. To begin with, I don’t understand it. (I did understand the Zip Drive fairly well, just for starters.)

It is a new electronic device, invented by Hewlett-Packard, called the memrister. The hype claims it replaces the transistor. For all I know, it could be The Next Big Thing or it could be the next biggest joke since cold fusion. As far as I know it is not gay and it does not lead to abortions.

An investment site says,

“HP labs has created the final circuit element. It is called the memristor… and it has the potential to replace the transistor!!! Think about how much money the transistor rakes in. What doesn’t have one of those now a days? If HP takes advantage of this, they will be huge.”
A technical site provides enough calculus equations and electronic circuit diagrams to fry most people’s brains.

Another caution: Xerox invented the original “graphic interface” (leading to the Macintosh and Windows). Xerox never took it anywhere useful or profitable. Apple, a small company, made it popular, then Microsoft, a big company made it REALLY big. So you never know how these things will develop.

Hewlett Packard is a large, experienced company with deep pockets. Whether they can run successfully with the memristor…who knows?

Economic depressions are supposed to lead into the “creative destruction” of capitalism leading to great new things. By the way, can I interest you in a bridge in Brooklyn?


4 Responses to “Not a Place to Put RG’s Piggy Bank Money or David’s Shareware Money”

  1. Spectrum Says:

    You mentioned graphical interfaces. I may be the only woman I know who knows what GUI stands for. BTW, there is usually a debate that occurs in my house as to which company, Apple or Microsoft, has the easiest to use GUI tools. I like Microsoft b/c I was conditioned to use them from the start. My husband likes Mac, and swears that I would like Mac better if I’d just give it a chance. I have both at home and at work. I still use the Windows machine way more often that the Mac, but I do not mind the browser, Safari, that most Macs use. In fact, I am not to fond of IE, and typically choose Firefox over it when on the Windows machine. Although I know that browers are not necessarily OS specific.
    As for your idea, I looked up transistor in the Wikipedia and it said “About 60 million transistors were built this year [2002] … for [each] man, woman, and child on Earth.”[6]

  2. pandemonic Says:

    I’m totally cornfused. You are speaking Greek to me, n’est pas? Who actually makes these things? Some sweat shop in India? I’m personally looking at doing something else, since the economy is tanking. I’m thinking of shooting my back yard squirrels and selling the pelts for squirrel jackets. That would be a back to the future moment. My great-great-great grandfather was a voyageur. I’m not sure what animals he killed, but remember, the genes are there.

  3. I haven’t heard of this thing, but I bet my husband or the IK has. I’ma ask ’em.

  4. truce Says:

    they’ll need to change the name if its going to be taken remotely seriously; ‘memristor’, really? Zip drive is waaaaaaayyyy cooler sounding.

    Also, I have no money with which to invest in anything other than my lunch, so I’ll pass.

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