Oops–I Lied: More Prequel–My Daughter Suffers Some End of the Year Nicks in Her Fortunes

December 28, 2008

My daughter had a bit of a rough ending to the year. She suffered some awful problems with her gums, apparently from not taking care of her teeth well enough. I am a bit mystified by this, in that she is a very conscientious person, including taking care of her health. A clue might be that she changed dentists. She had a very good dentist in downtown Seattle. My wife and I used him for a while, until we moved to the island and switched. (Over the last few years, my wife and I have had good luck with dentists; which is a bit of an oxymoron, but I may write a post about our not-bad dentists one of these days.)

My daughter switched to a dentist closer to where she lived, and I think something about the switch led to her dental health going amiss. The end result was that she had to undergo an exquisitely painful process of having her gums scraped. They only did this for the upper part of her mouth; she has to do it again for the lower part of her mouth.

Along with this, she was waiting for a bus on an icy sidewalk during the last storm, lost her footing, and fell on her tailbone. She didn’t break her tailbone, but the pain was about as bad as if she had, and she had to go through several days of therapy to get to the point of moving around without being in agony.

Besides those unhappy experiences, there were a couple of painful economic events as well. My daughter has been working for a financial organization that handles investments for people, partly through a mutual fund, and partly through some handling of wealthy people’s investments on a more personalized basis. (Her work mostly involved the computer/accounting end of things rather than the investing end.)

My daughter has been a bit ambivalent about this job. She tells me that the company is very ethical and above-board in its business dealings. On the other hand, as with almost any job, she’s had to work with people she would not choose to have anything to do with if an employer didn’t force them to be in the same room day after day.. Also, the general atmosphere is one of we keep things running smoothly and comfortably for the upper classes. My daughter is an idealistic person who longs to contribute to making the world a better place.

On the other hand, she is not averse to improving her financial well-being in the process while she works at a place that serves rich people. (In a way, this is may also true of Mommy’s job as well.).

Last year, she got a “profit-share” of the company’s profits that helped out quite a bit. On top of that she got a Christmas bonus of several thousand dollars. As I’ve been mentioning to people, we are in the 2nd Great Depression (though for some reason nobody in the government or the press wants to admit it). My daughter’s company has not been involved in any great scandals or fiascos, but like almost everybody else in this country, they are not flourishing. There was no profit share and no Christmas bonus this year. I think my daughter had (perhaps unconsciously) been counting on this financial windfall coming again this year.

I unhelpfully told her not to hurt herself in 2009. I didn’t offer any financial advice, but we have told Mama and Mommy that we will loan them money if things get even nastier.


6 Responses to “Oops–I Lied: More Prequel–My Daughter Suffers Some End of the Year Nicks in Her Fortunes”

  1. Oh, dear — I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter’s dental mishaps and smacked bottom. I imagine it feels very much like skating on thin ice to be in the financial services industry during these precarious times.

    I think my New Year’s Resolution of finally going to the damned dentist was reinforced by reading this. Ouch.

  2. pandemonic Says:

    My dentist insisted on several thousand dollars worth of work, when he had just done the same work on the same tooth for the same amount of money only four short years ago. He’s also the guy who wanted $850 for a cleaning. This is when I found the discount dentist, who told me my teeth are fine.

    I’m afraid the Greater Depression is just starting its downward spiral. It’s going to get much worse before it gets better. In fact, I may not be alive when it does get better. That’s because I will be a very old lady in 25 years.

  3. modestypress Says:

    Actually, the Greater Depression will end next week. However, it will only end for one company. If you buy stock in that company you will be sitting pretty. (I haven’t actually seen you or a picture of you, but I assume you are very attractive, so I have no doubt you are sitting pretty, unless you are standing as you read this, in which case you are standing pretty.)

  4. pandemonic Says:

    That’s nice of you to imagine, RN, but I’m afraid I am definitely NOT pretty. So what’s the stock tip?

  5. modestypress Says:

    Don’t take my hyperbole about the stock market very seriously. I already told you about Hewlett-Packard’s supposed discovery of a new circuit.

    My other interest is ISRG. Robot surgery.

    We’re all getting older. Most of us will need pieces sliced and diced and removed and replaced.

    Surgeons are getting older, also. There hands will be steadier if waldos are holding the scalpels.

  6. modestypress Says:

    Their hands. My dyslexia at work again.

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