Where Will RG Go to Kindergarten? (Part 1)

December 31, 2008

Next year Random Granddaughter is supposed to start kindergarten. The mommies were planning to enroll her in a public school. My daughter went to public schools and did fairly well. In kindergarten she had a male teacher; that was unusual, but we thought it was excellent start for her.

 In the case of RG, there are some complications. First, enrollment is shrinking in her school district and schools are being closed. Also, there are a lot of issues involving different schools and their style and “personality” as a school Parents often try to cherry pick a school for their child; they don’t always get the school they want.

 Mommy has some ideas about the public school where she wants to send RG, but she is by no means sure she would be able to send her there.

 Also, kindergarten is only half day; so the mommies would have to pay for a half day of child care. The public school will provide it, but it’s as expensive as almost any other arrangement.

 At this point, Mommy’s employer, the private school for very bright children (SVBC), suggested she consider sending RG to their kindergarten. This is a touchy issue: 1) they are very expensive; 2) we all have ambivalent feelings about the desirability of a child going to such a school (as paradoxical as it sounds with Mommy herself working there); 3) when RG applied for their preschool, she was rejected as a) not bright enough and b) too introverted. Although (as far as we know) RG was totally unaware of and unaffected by this experience, it was not a happy experience for the rest of the family.

 SVBC said in regard to #1: we can provide some financial aid and with the cost you will pay for child care the expense might not be as great in comparison to public school as the mommies fear. In case of #2, ambivalent means one sees both sides of an issue and is unsure. As for #3, well that comes next.

4 Responses to “Where Will RG Go to Kindergarten? (Part 1)”

  1. So … is the school suggesting that they think RG has become brighter and less introverted? And are they equally suggesting that these two things are desirable?

    I guess that will be in your next post.

    I’d be ambivalent too. Well. Actually, I probably wouldn’t be … I believe my reaction, probably unwisely, would involve something dripping with sardonic contempt.

  2. modestypress Says:

    At the moment, I am confused. Our plans to get together for Christmas Eve were waylaid by the snow storm. When we get together, we will learn more. When I know more, I will report to all my readers.

  3. pandemonic Says:

    All this angst is making my stomach hurt. Poor RG. Poor Mr. Random.

  4. modestypress Says:

    When the Barely Extended Family called last night, Mama, Mommy, and RG all talked to us at once via Mama’s Blackberry.

    After the call, my wife said, “RG sounds very happy these days.” So maybe it’s happy angst. More soon.

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