Maybe It Was Really Intended for David

January 7, 2009

Jhoos Members in nearly every other country
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David has difficulty finding a lover. Surely his true love can be found in Bosnia and Herzegovina or in Papua New Guinea or in Western Sahara or even Eastern Sahara. Somewhere David’s true love is pining for him and the Jhoos network will locate her for him.


8 Responses to “Maybe It Was Really Intended for David”

  1. I wasn’t aware of the existence of several of these countries. Clearly I’m not casting a wide enough net.

  2. truce Says:

    Nauru is clearly made up. I think this is a fiendish plot by Geography teachers to identify those of us with only a rudimentary knowledge of their worthy subject, and cull us.

    And David, I concur; your net is clearly not wide enough since it has failed to reach Australia where I am patiently waiting (okay, impatiently waiting). 😉

  3. truce Says:

    You know, David, you’re very easy to flirt with. Possibly this has more to do with the fact that you’re thousands of miles away and highly unlikely to do anything about my flirting, than it has to do with any inherent flirtiness in me, since I don’t flirt with anyone here.

  4. truce Says:

    Oh dear, it has just occurred to me that what I consider flirting may, in fact, be sex pest stalking.

    I’ll go away now.

  5. pandemonic Says:

    I think there are people who will pay you to marry them. Of course, you have to give the illusion to the INS that it’s serious love and not a financial transaction.

    Actually, David, I think this is the best way out of your current situation. A wife and money… why didn’t I think of this before???

  6. I am laughing at Truce, but in the nicest possible way.

    You may sex stalk me all you like, you delicious vixen.

  7. modestypress Says:


    When I was in college, I took several classes to learn French. I understand that you are fluent in French. I failed to learn French utterly.

    [My cousin Joanna was fluent in French, Spanish and two dialects of Chinese. She became a millionaire. This seems only fair. I have students from China in some of my computer classes. I tell them about Joanna becoming a millionaire and recommend they forget about learning about computers and study Chinese so they, too, can become millionaires. They stare at me in befuddlement and mutter something in Chinese I think means, “Incrutable Occidentals”.]

    One of my French teachers was a French woman from South America. Uruguay, I think. My understanding is (big stereotype) that many French people have a lot of attitude, especially about speaking French, and especially about Americans.

    As this woman was French from Uruguay, she had about ten times as much attitude as the normal French person. She spent most of the classes telling us how inferior and obnoxious Americans are. She focused on a) How poor our understanding of French was. b) How poor our accents were. c) How poor Americans’ understanding of geography was.

    I believe the French are considered charming?

    I have always wondered why a person who speaks English with a French accent is considered very charming and attractive and why a person who speaks French with an American accent is considered gauche and repulsive. This seems true even to me, but I don’t understand it.

  8. modestypress Says:

    Inscrutable Occidentals. I can’t even speak English. I am inscrutable even to myself.

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