Too Much Going On

January 12, 2009

I am supposed to be headed into quiet retirement.

This weekend:

(1) I was thrust into the Madeoff Ponzi financial scandal. Not in anything that put me at risk financially, but in a dramatic and moving fashion.

(2) We had a visit from Mommy, Mama and Random Granddaughter. We had a wonderful time but there are momentous and dramatic circumstances involving our darling little granddaughter. It might take a novel to describe them. I don’t know when I will have time to do so.


11 Responses to “Too Much Going On”

  1. It’s just so cruel to dangle these carrots and then threaten not to feed them to us. You’re a bad, bad man.

  2. pandemonic Says:

    I think he’s a busy man, but I commiserate. My planned retirement is far busier than my life now. I hope I get to live long enough to see things through.

  3. Busy-ness is no excuse for torturing readers with fascinating stories and then not telling them. *sulking* C’mon, Mr. R — we’re dying to hear about RG’s momentous drama.

  4. modestypress Says:


    It is true, I am a bad, bad man. It is a wonder the mommies let me talk to RG.

    Also, I am budgeting only $5 a month in shareware fees to pay you. I would have to pay you five times that amount a month to be able to afford to write more quickly.

  5. truce Says:

    I demand to know what went on with RG this weekend. I will sulk, pout and stamp my foot until you co-operate and provide details Mr R.

    Failing that, I may just wait patiently, hoping that your life’s soon-to-be-retired busy-ness quickly calms down to a level which frees you up to blog again 😉

  6. modestypress Says:

    One thing that went on last weekend is that RG is starting to learn some alternatives to sulking, pouting and stamping her foot (though after a day of fairly sophisticated good behavior on Saturday) she had a set back on Saturday morning. So David and Truce, if you want to learn the rest of the RG story you will have to demonstrate some adult behavior and communication.

    She hasn’t quite got the “please” thing down, but now when offered something she doesn’t want, she comes up with a very snappily polite, “No thank you.”

    Lots of heavy truck negotiations going on; I have to call my wife to get the latest on that front.

  7. *putting on an unconvincing happy face*

    Won’t you please tell us the story of RG and the mommies? I will sit very quietly while you tell me. And if you give me a cookie I will eat it, unless it has raisins. But I will thank you for it even if it does have raisins. Then I will give it back to you and wait for the rest of the story.

  8. spectrum2 Says:

    Is RG becoming a diva? I tell my little girl that she has a divatude on occasion.

  9. pandemonic Says:

    “Is RG becoming a diva?”

    She was born one!

  10. Am I the only one that’s dying to hear the Madoff thing?

  11. modestypress Says:


    As soon as I can.

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