Aventures of RG, Part 2

March 13, 2009


I think it is a consensus among my wife, my daughter, her partner, and myself that the most important job for a parent is to help one’s child be a decent human being. If said child has a great talent or spectacular IQ, that should still be directed as far as possible to the Good Side of the Force.

So, RG, just don’t get too full of yourself, OK?


Along those lines of thought, I’ve been a bit surprised to hear the Friendly Neighbors speak of RG and her mommies with considerable admiration. Now, I think of my barely extended family with great admiration, but that’s my job as a grandparent. When RG visits, she is on pretty good behavior, because she enjoys petting the chickens (some of whom are very affectionate) and watching the ducks, some of whom are very entertaining. On this Saturday, she collected the eggs, which she considered a treat.

However, as cute and smart as RG is, much of the time she is a little drama queen, especially when it comes to food. On Sunday, I had to run an errand. The mommies and RG took Grandma Random out to a restaurant as a birthday treat. As is typical, RG staged some drama, and wouldn’t eat her food.

Even though “peanut butter and jelly sandwich” was not a menu item, eventually, the restaurant dug up some peanut butter and cobbled together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the fussy little girl. When Grandma related this story to me muttering about RG having nothing but starch for lunch, I said, “We need to have the Friendly Neighbors come to dinner with us when RG is here, so they can see her dramatic theatrics and get a more realistic picture of her.”


However, there is a bit of a “Rest of the story” (as Paul Harvey, a radio news commentator who just died, liked to say). The Friendly Neighbor is driving to California. (His mother recently died and he is attending to her affairs and picking up some of belongings for himself and his sister). I happened to be talking to his wife and learned that a) his sister is a spoiled brat and b) one of their grandchildren doesn’t behave that well and his parents consider his antics as “cute.” So RG is looking good to them. Nevertheless, there is a saying about the grass looking greener in other pastures.


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