An Encouraging Update About the Ill Son-in-Law

March 18, 2009



About a week ago, I wrote about how I had been doing some business with a family that owns a computer store on the island where I live. I have been pleased with their service and support, but a week ago I was shocked to learn that the son-in-law of the couple who own the business is gravely ill. I have an encouraging update.

 Today I called and asked how he was doing. I talked with “Mom” who acts as the receptionist.

Son-in-law had been ill with something wrong with his heart as well as other organs shutting down. Mom said, “He is out of intensive care and looking much better. They think he will be able to come home in about five days.”

 “That is wonderful news!” I exclaimed. “Do they know what was wrong with him?”

“We transferred him to the University Hospital. They decided he had a viral infection in his heart. They gave him anti-viral drugs. The treatment seemed to work. They are regarded as the best hospital in the area. It seems to be true.”

When my daughter was 14 she came down with a mysterious ailment that resembled appendicitis but wasn’t. The episode scared my wife and I half to death at the time. Fortunately, surgery revealed that an ovary had twisted around itself; removal saved her life. It happened again with her other ovary when she was in her 30s; that is why my daughter can’t bear children.

Our family trauma, while frightening enough, was not as awful as the one Mom and Papa went through. However, I truthfully said to Mom,

“I have a little idea of what you have been going through. I am so glad that things are looking better for Son in Law.”

7 Responses to “An Encouraging Update About the Ill Son-in-Law”

  1. mommy Says:

    RN, you disappoint me – “The episode scared my wife and I” ???
    Anyhow, glad he is better and thanks for the update.

  2. modestypress Says:

    Mommy, you have unmasked my secret. I am illiterate. Don’t tell anybody.

  3. One would think that as an editor, I would look down my nose at any confusion between subject and object pronouns. And yet, I prefer to focus on your edifying empathy, and overlook your grammatical failures, typographical errors, and general delinquency.

  4. modestypress Says:

    Mommy and David, I agree with both of you.

  5. woo Says:

    I come here specifically because of the general delinquency. Frankly, David, I suspect you do, too.


    Jolly glad to hear that Son in Law is on the mend.

    My youngest sister is currently at home in the UK in tears of pain because of a crippling agony in her leg which a trip to hospital failed to diagnose (although they have ruled out DVT, which is a relief of sorts). I feel terribly helpless.

  6. modestypress Says:

    How awful, Woo. I hope a successful diagnosis, and more important, relief, comes to your sister soon.

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