Second Social Occasion

April 27, 2009

On Saturday, we had another social occasion. I had nothing to do with organizing it. My daughter (known as “Mama” to Random Granddaughter) called in the morning to tell us that she, “Mommy” (as her out-of-law partner is known to her birth daughter, RG) and Random Granddaughter were attending a get together at a rented beach vacation house on the West side of our island. (My wife and I live a mile from the water in the woods on the East side of our island.) The occasion was being hosted by the co-dads and their families. Mrs. Random and I were invited.

Despite some confusion with directions, we eventually found our way to a large and fancy beach house. The families had gone for a hike in a state park and joined us about half an hour later.

Two family groups attended besides my wife and I and our barely extended family of Mama, Mommy and RG.One group consisted of:

Sperm Donor-Dad/, his mom, his brother, and his brother’s wife, and C, their eight-year-old daughter (hence RG’s cousin)..

Mom is a clinical psychologist at a hospital in Oregon (a degree she achieved and a profession she adopted rather late in life).

Cousin C has a reputation as a bit of a challenging child. We saw some evidence of this, though she and RG did have a lot of wholesome fun together.

The second group consisted of RG’s Co-Dad and his mom and step dad. Step dad is a Methodist minister in a New England state. Mom has worked as a journalist among other things and is now involved in helping out with her husband’s church.

Everyone was in a happy vacation mood and except for cousin C having a tantrum as they were leaving we all had a jolly and happy time.

One of the criticisms of homosexuals becoming parents (as Mommy and Mama have done) is that children are not exposed to parental figures of both sexes and thus will not develop in a normal way.

There are many points that can be discussed in this regard…

For example, both David Rochester and I had anything but a normal development in regard to our parental units. I dare say this is true for a large part of the population of the United States, not to mention the world. I am not sure what goes on in the rest of the universe, but I am not optimistic.

I thought about this as I saw RG happily sitting on a couch alternately cuddling her co-dads and roughhousing with them.

The good news is that RG has two male parental figures in her life whom she loves and respects. The bad news is that she is growing up to regard two homosexual men as suitable affection objects and as admirable role models. How messed up is this little girl going to be as she grows up?

It is very hard to conceive. For that matter, RG was conceived in a very strange way, involving a test tube. As I often say, she is a science fiction child in a science fiction family of the far out future, except what was my far future is right here right now.

8 Responses to “Second Social Occasion”

  1. woo Says:

    My parents are heterosexual and still – nominally at least – ‘together’. Doesn’t mean they gave me a good example of a good family unit, or good levels of affection, or anything else. I’d say RG has a much better chance of turning out well-adjusted than any of us had.


  2. modestypress Says:

    As we frequently tell her, “Grow up healthy and well-adjusted or we will beat you.”

    Or, “Haunt you from our graves. Whichever is most convenient.”

  3. David Says:

    I think the more parenting a kid has, the better. And the more models of a healthy loving relationship that kid has, regardless of gender, the better off they’ll be.

    As an adult, I’ve learned more about healthy relationships from my gay friends than I have from any heterosexual couple. My best friend and his partner, my parents’ gay best friends, and my two marvelous sets of gay female clients have all proven to me that loving and respectful relationships do exist in the world.

    I think RG is off to a great start.

  4. modestypress Says:

    OK, probably homosexuality is infectious and catching. While everybody is worrying about about swine flu, they won’t notice that we’re all going gay.

    Perhaps in the process, the original meaning of “gay” will become prominent again.

  5. pandemonic Says:

    RG is very lucky. No wonder she’s so special. Perhaps your entire family came from another galaxy. It’s an interesting concept, isn’t it?

    As for gay-ness being catchy, I don’t think so. Of course, I also laugh in the face of swine flu and tainted lettuce, so I just might be a crazy woman.

  6. modestypress Says:

    Perhaps this is the beginning of the real “X-Men” story.

    Random Granddaughter starts a new race of polymorphous Perverse beings who just have an indescribably wholesome and constructive good time using their super powers.

    They will be known as the XYZ people.

    They are so well-adjusted they adjust the rest of us,

  7. I’ve often thought I’d be much happier if I were gay. Alas, despite the rantings of fundamentalists, it’s not so much a matter of choice.

  8. modestypress Says:

    Not only that, in regard to one of the other rant topics of fundamentalists, homosexuals infrequently have abortions. One more point to keep in mind, the world is a bit overpopulated. Well, a lot overpopulated. We don’t really want the birth rate to drop too much (as it has in Japan), because then we end up with an imbalance in the population and too many elderly people and no one to support them. So those homosexual couples (such as my daughter and her partner) who have one child (or perhaps two children in some cases) are getting it just about right.

    Next time I see Mama and Mommy, I will tell them they are getting it just about right. I often tell them that anyway, because it seems to be true in general.

    We just heard from Mary of Peru, who just came back from her trip to England and suggested we get together in June. My wife really liked Mary, so she is enthusiastic. Both Mary and my wife are people who say, “I am not that smart” (though both are very intelligent in truth); both are very determined, “put one foot in front of the other and keep on keeping on” people who are very hard to stop once they make up their mind to go for a goal and who are not discouraged by carelessly interfering people.

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