How Mark Divorced His Parents

May 9, 2009


Story #1 is about how as a child Mark came to divorce his family. I’ve read stories like this, but never met anyone who had actually gone through it. The four of us (my former co-workers and I) were telling stories about our families, and Mark said, in his quiet, matter-of-fact way, “When I was a child, I divorced my parents.”

We all said, “What?!”

The story went like this. As Mark was growing up it became obvious that his mother was mentally ill. Instead of getting help for her, his father mostly indulged her, and the children suffered. When he was about 15, Mark found a friend’s family who agreed to take him in. Somehow he found a lawyer who would take his case, and with the help of the attorney, Mark filed a law suit, and was able to get a court to order his custody transferred to the other family and he lived with them until he graduated from college.


5 Responses to “How Mark Divorced His Parents”

  1. That’s quite interesting … I have met one person who became emancipated from her family, and I think it was probably a good idea. I think the laws around children’s rights in this regard aren’t nearly well-known enough.

    I learned about the child emancipation right when I was a little kid, from a book I don’t remember the name of now … it was one of a series, designed to improve children’s critical thinking skills. Back then I thought it was a great idea, but I didn’t think I had a strong enough case.

  2. modestypress Says:

    Now you know you have–what–eight cases or so? (One for each alternate.)

  3. Well, fewer than that, actually … some of my alters don’t perceive themselves to be related to my parents.

  4. woo Says:

    I had no idea this was an option.

    Darn it, another missed opportunity…

  5. Yeah for the people who took care of him! I’m glad there was someone ready and willing to give Mark a way out.

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