Sylvie, the World’s Most Extroverted Cat

May 19, 2009




Finally, a picture of Sylvie, the world’s most extroverted and affectionate cat. Sylvie never met a lap that she did not want to sit on.
Even though she is half the size of a typical feline, don’t let her small size mislead you. She is also a fierce and frightening guard cat. If a burglar broke into the mommies’ house, Sylvie would immediately walk up to him and start purring fiercely, no doubt sending the intruder fleeing in terror.




5 Responses to “Sylvie, the World’s Most Extroverted Cat”

  1. woo Says:

    That is as it should be. Never argue with a cat. Her purring is just to lull you into a false sense of security – she is still a paid-up member of the plot to overthrow humanity and establish the Feline Reich.

  2. Oh my goodness, I want to scratch her under her chin. What a darling cat. Thank you for the picture!

  3. I now see exactly why you describe her as a little black (with a little white) cat. So very darling.

  4. modestypress Says:

    Woo has it just about right. Even from a not especially great photograph, she has seized control of you.

    If I could figure out a way to record her purr and place it on my blog, you would be sitting in front of your computer for hours.

    Random Granddaughter frequently says, “I love you, Sylvie.” It is no wonder RG now has the IQ of a genius. Sylvie needs very smart humans to act as her catspaws in her quest for world domination.

  5. tammie Says:

    charming post. cats. they are the best–a combination of fierceness and warmth and affection and domination.

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