Random Granddaughter Executes Her First Commission as an Artist

June 3, 2009

Sunday, child genius Random Granddaughter is coming to visit. As she does not have a driver’s license yet (as far as I know), I presume she will bring the mommies along. Mrs. Random and I always like to see Mama (my daughter) and Mommy (her out of law partner) along with her little highness (though she is not that little, already being tall enough to play center on a kindergarten woman’s basketball team).

After she announced at the age of five that her career goal was to be an artist (apparently displacing her goal at four of becoming a triple threat fire chief, railroad engineer, and ferry captain), I came up with an artistic commission for her. As I am not very close to my siblings, either geographically or emotionally, I cannot say for instance how old any of them are. However, I still remember the birthday of my brother B (who lives 3000 miles away in Portland, Maine) as well as the birthday of my sister D (who lives a hope skip and a jump away from brother B in Vermont, where she is head librarian of a small library) though they are not close at all for reasons I will not go into.

My other brother J is a little closer in Missouri, though beyond hope emotionally as he is bi-polar. I don’t want to go there as I am close enough already to that mental state. My other sister, P, lives even closer in California, and beyond beyond hope emotionally as she is a “born-again” religious fanatic and a narcissistic monster. I live next door to being a narcissistic monster myself, so I certainly don’t want to be any closer to sister P.

Brother B is about three years younger than I am. I thought to myself, I did not even wish him happy birthday for his 60th birthday. What a terrible big brother am I!

Through the mommies, I asked Random Granddaughter to create a birthday card for my brother in time for his birthday of June 2. A couple of weeks ago an envelope arrived in the mail, inside another envelope. The inner envelope which contained a couple of butterflies painted on it, was sealed. A note from my daughter said that neither she nor Mommy had seen the card as RG had painted it and sealed it into the envelope.

I sealed it in a fresh container envelope and mailed it to brother B in Maine. I emailed him a warning that he was about to receive a birthday card that no one had seen, so I was not sure it was decent and appropriate. A few days later he emailed me back that he had received the card and it was quite decent and appropriate.

I should tell him to hold onto the card and pass it on to his grandchildren (as yet unborn), as once RG becomes a famous artist, even her pre-kindergarten works will probably sell for millions of dollars at auction.

4 Responses to “Random Granddaughter Executes Her First Commission as an Artist”

  1. Pete Says:

    So your description of your siblings would lead one to believe that you are the closest to “normal”, what ever that is. It would be interesting to ask your siblings to describe you!

    You were brave to send an unread, unedited card!

  2. modestypress Says:

    To say I am closest to normal is like saying Oregon is closer to Australia than Washington state.

    Actually, brother B successfully runs a business, something that impresses me no end. Do you know anybody who is into beads? If so, put them in touch with me and I will make a suggestion.

    Sister D went to college and studied Greek History a few years ago and then a little later went to college again and got a degree to be a librarian. Now she is manager of a library in Vermont. She also has two grandchildren and I only have one. So two of my siblings are smarter than I am and doing quite well.

    The other two? Well, they would not give me a passing grade on the nomal scale.

    By the way, the tayberries are blossoming and forming berries. They won’t be ripe when Anne Elise arrives Sunday. The Friendly Neighbors’ strawberries got ripe before ours, so I asked them to save a few for RG. My wife told me that was cheeky.

  3. Pete Says:

    Wow! I guess i was wrong…Suddenly you are not looking so good Random…! ;+>
    I loved the Washington/Oregon analogy!

  4. modestypress Says:

    My wife did not marry me for my looks.

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