They Began Cataract Surgery When…?

July 14, 2009

When I was in to see my surgeon right after my cataract surgery, I asked, “When did they do the first cataract surgery?” It seems so strange to me to take a knife into someone’s eye, I was trying to imagine who was the first person who tried it, and if it had worked.

My surgeon said, “Oh, they started about 2,000 years ago. They used a stick, and dug out the cataract. Although they usually waited until a person was almost blind and didn’t have much to lose.”

I was so startled, I did what any modern person does. I looked it up on the Internet.

As soon as I figure out to embed videos I will place a video showing a cataract being treated about 500 BC.

I am going in this morning for a follow-up to see if anything has gone terribly amiss. (As far as I can tell everything has gone as it is supposed to. I am hoping he will confirm that impression.)


3 Responses to “They Began Cataract Surgery When…?”

  1. tammie Says:

    i’m glad all is going well with your surgery. : )

  2. woo Says:

    You know, you’d be amazed at the stuff that ancient surgeons used to accomplish successfully… it was really just the medieval-through-to-early-victorian period where it all went pear-shaped. I blame the Church for much of the superstitious nonsense which held back the advancement of surgical knowledge and prevented proper anatomical study for so long.

    But a stick? In the eye? Ow.

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