Latest Random Granddaughter News

August 4, 2009

My daughter called tonight. The Barely Extended Family’s travels and visits with various grandparents have become so complicated somebody at the same level and experience as those who arrange Obama’s travel and itinerary needs to be involved.

At the moment, the schedule is that my wife and I will go visit the mommies and Random Granddaughter next Friday. She is involved in something very exciting in her preschool and did not want to miss it, but she will deign to join us in the afternoon.

The weekend after that Mommy’s mother and stepfather will go hiking with Mommy, Mama, and RG in the Olympics. Then we will meet at the island county’s fair.

We also learned that RG has become a bit weary of her career as a painter and is moving into music. First a friend (about 12 years old )started teaching her recorder. RG wearied of that fairly quickly.

Now she has embarked on piano lessons. There are several incentives. Her best friend, Mia, is taking piano lessons. (Mia’s family also owns a piano, which RG’s family does not.) The teacher is an adult, with quite a bit of experience in teaching children. Random Granddaughter is rushing headlong into adulthood.

3 Responses to “Latest Random Granddaughter News”

  1. Pete Says:

    I hope she does not loose interest in the music too fast. It is such a gift if one has it. I took piano lessons in 3rd grade and hated every minute of it. At the end of the year when the recital came, I went and hid in the woods. My mother was in a rage, and that was the end of piano lessons!

  2. woo Says:

    my piano lessons were ruined by a teacher with no sense of humour and no patience, who scared the crap out of me and rapped my knuckles with a wooden ruler for not practising.

    Otherwise, I’d clearly be a very skilled pianist by now (shades of Lady Catherine de Burgh’s statement to the same effect in Pride and Prejudice).

  3. modestypress Says:

    My family is very musical, though as an individual I am not. I did take some piano lessons and eventually did learn to play the flute and piccolo after a fashion.

    My brother (the sane one) is very musical. He plays about every Western stringed instrument there is, and for a while gave violin lessons (Suzuki method) to children. He also played lead guitar for a while in a rock and roll band from a village in Senegal, althogh he preferred blue grass music.

    My uncle (who died this year in his 90s) was a modern “classical” composer who was awarded a Pulitzer Prize and a Macarthur genius award, and wrote several books on music and composition.

    Mommy (RG’s birth mother) majored in music at Oberlin College, with a goal of becoming a concert violinist, but after she graduated decided to have a life instead of devoting it to musical performance. She occasionally gives violin lessons to children.

    I think that RG will be encouraged to study music as long as it interrests her, and will be told that practice is a bit tedious and quite necessary.

    Mia (RG’s best friend who lives across the street) has a piano. I don’t know if she will go there to practice as the mommmies don’t own a piano.

    The Friendly Neighbors have a piano. I believe Mrs. FN plays. Mrs. Random said to me yesterday, “Don’t you dare suggest that they let RG play on their piano!”

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