Random Granddaughter Plans Menus and Commissions Violin Serenades

August 13, 2009

While my wife and I accompanied our daughter to pick up Random Granddaughter from her piano lesson, her partner fixed a birthday dinner for her, consisting of roast chicken, red potatoes, and asparagus. For dessert we had cups of summer fruit, and then Random Daughter opened her presents.

During dinner, I watched RG curiously to see if her interest in food has increased.

Not much, I observed. Under gentle but relentless pressure by mommies, her table manners have improved a bit; although at the start of dinner she displayed an impressive “boarding house reach” to grab a chicken leg she wanted (perhaps a good sign of being able to reach distant keys as her pianist career develops). As dinner progressed, she picked at her food in her usual desultory fashion and lost interest until we reached dessert.

Woo commented to me in an email that as RG is learning how to cook and helping with growing some food plants, her relationship with food will probably develop into a healthy one. (I was going to quote the email but can’t find it.) I think this is about right. The mommies told us that RG requested (it sounded more like “demanded” to me) the right to plan the menus for two dinners each week. Her choices were fairly “kid-like.” For example, at the height of the recent heat wave, RG specified pizza as her dinner of choice. The extended family is so wholesome now in their food habits, they made their own pizza at home instead of ordering out for it.

RG has also decided that violin music is now a necessity for getting to sleep during her nap. Mommy studied violin at Oberlin, but before graduation decided to have a life instead of being a professional violinist, but she has never entirely dropped the violin, and now she often plays it a bit when RG is going down for her nap. If Mommy is unavailable for a performance, RG listens to some violin music on her little boom box.

I envision her at the age of 25 or so, having her mother drop in to serenade her to sleep, perhaps to the discomfiture of a spouse or partner.


2 Responses to “Random Granddaughter Plans Menus and Commissions Violin Serenades”

  1. spectrum2 Says:

    Wow. Just wow. So different from our home. So so different. We watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or The Wiggles to fall asleep. None of us eat asparagus. We’re more a McDonald’s crowd. Pizza night was last night, we ate at a local place, sort of like Chucky Cheese.

    • modestypress Says:


      We live in a culture of diversity. Perhaps one of these days I will sneak RG to a visit to Chucky Cheese. “Don’t tell your mommies,” I will whisper to her.

      As her upbringing is so different from the main culture, I do wonder how she will merge into the main traffic flow.

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