Random Granddaughter Visits the County Fair

August 16, 2009

Yesterday (Saturday) we went to the county fair with Random Granddaughter, Mommy (RG’s birth mother and my daughter’s partner), Mama (Random Daughter), Mommy’s mother (B1) and her step-dad (K).

K is an enthusiastic hiker and for love of him B1 has become an enthusiastic hiker as well. Everyone went hiking in the Olympic mountains. Random Granddaughter had been a enthusiastic whiner when she had to walk a block in the city or a quarter of a mile to our mailbox in the county when she was four, but Mama told me she hiked several miles in the Olympics without whining, so we were suitably impressed with RG’s progress at the age of five.

We met at the organic farmer’s market where my wife usually volunteers on Saturday morning, serving drinks and her home baked wholesome goodies. My wife got permission to take the day off. When we arrived, we greeted her boss who was serving coffee instead of Mrs. Random.

“Mrs. Random decided to skip work today, but she is so dumb she showed up at the work place anyway,” I told her boss as she served us tea.

My wife tells me that hardly anyone is interested in the scones, muffins, cookies she bakes for the market. However, when she showed up with no baked goods in hand, at least half a dozen adults approached her and whined as loudly as Random Granddaughter at her worst.

Random Granddaughter loves to collect interesting pebbles and rocks. She finds many at our five acres, but her mommies make her leave them on a porch step instead of hauling them all back to the city.

At the market, my wife took RG to a stand where a man sells agates and other semi-precious stones, fossils and petrified woods, and similar fancy pebbles. As he greeted RG, he held out a tray of pebbles and said, “You get to choose one for free.” RG poked through the pebbles thoughtfully and chose the largest one.

She had to be reminded to say, “Thank you,” by my wife, but did so with such enthusiasm that the seller was quite charmed. He showed her a petrified horse tail plant and several other fossils and forced two more glamorous pebbles on the quite willing child, who remembered to say “Thank you.”

We headed out for the fairground. (To be continued).


9 Responses to “Random Granddaughter Visits the County Fair”

  1. Pete Says:

    So I’m curious…Do you leave her collected pebbles on the porch, so her collection grows. or do you return them to the earth? When my wife plants her garden, she throws rocks she fins out into the field. Our german shephard LOVES this game and will tryrieve the rockes from the tall grasss and place htem on the railroad ties that encompass the garden. LAurie leaves them there, and by the end of the season there is quite a collection of rocks surrounding the garden!

  2. modestypress Says:

    Pete, at the moment, we leave the rock collection on the porch. We live on very rocky land,so there are piles of rocks in the garden, outside the garden,, and everywhere one looks, walks, or digs. We haul in great loads of topsoil and add it to our garden about every week it seems, and we frequently discuss soil with the Friendly Neighbors the way some people discuss wine vintages.

  3. Pete Says:

    Oh my! I really should check my spelling before posting!
    It is funny when you live in the country, the things you discuss…dirt, weeds, rabbits… Hey at least it is safer than discussing politics or religion with your neighbors!

  4. David Says:

    I would have been enchanted, myself, with the rock guy. I should get out more.

  5. modestypress Says:


    I am mulling over a gift costing perhaps $29.95 for you and special person. Pebbles from the rock guy’s booth at the farmer’s market is now one of the gifts under consideration.

    I am pretty sure his minerals are organic.

  6. woo Says:

    There’s a rocks and fossils guy at my local market, too. I love him. I have a wonderful collection of fossilised ammonites, belemnites, trilobites and various rocks and crystals in my bathroom.

    RG is sounding more and more like a young Woo, with every post.

    You have been warned.

  7. spectrum2 Says:

    I like rocks. I like rocks from river beds, smoothed by running water. RG is a sweetie.

  8. modestypress Says:


    I take much delight in Random Granddaughter and experience much alarm about her as well. Would these reactions be consistent with your diagnosis of her as a “young woo?”

  9. modestypress Says:


    I must admit to often thinking she is indeed a sweetie.

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