Final Chapter of a Story of Late Dawning Realization

September 21, 2009


My sister, as with all my siblings, is very intelligent (if quite eccentric). After a slow start, she eventually went to college a couple of times, relatively late in her life. In her forties, she went to the University of Wisconsin and studied Greek Philosophy and Ancient Greek (the language) because she felt like it. Later she got a degree in Library Science (I am not sure where) and became the director of a small library in Vermont, so she could live near her daughter and her two grandchildren, where she lives now.

I suspect that if my niece and her husband lived near us, my barely extended family and my sister’s barely extended family would hit it off well. But it’s impossible to know these things for sure.


In any case, a few years ago, I thought again about that meeting at Beelzebub’s apartment with with his “niece” (if indeed she was a relative of his), Lucille. I had completely forgotten Lucille for many years, and had not even made a connection with what happened to my sister. (I had only met Lucille for a few minutes and at that time in my life, constantly moving from high school to high school in different states, my childish mind was in confusion and turmoil.)

Strange as it seems, it only dawned on me suddenly at the age of 60, that Beelzebub was a a serial sexual predator who preyed on young girls such as my sister. Whether Lucille really was his niece

I don’t know. Although I sensed something was wrong by Lucille’s tense, agitated manner, I was far too immature and naive to understand that she was trying to communicate, Help, I am being held prisoner by a rapist!

In retrospect, Beelzebub’s comment to 14-year-old Random about how people would not understand his “unconventional life style” now strikes me with horror.


Obviously, my parents had no grasp of this as well. Fairly or unfairly, I hold them responsible for what happened to my sister, However, life is very strange. In this case, a terrible event, the rape of my sister, turned into the birth and blossoming of a wonderful person, my niece J.




Recently, there have been several shocking news items about young woman being held prisoner for long periods of time by an older man who raped the victim over a long period of time, undetected by other people who encountered the victim but did not realize what was happening. The story I tell is slightly different, but not that much.

When I was in high school, my life was a bit in tumult, as we moved frequently and as I attended six different schools, and as I was in immature introvert. I only met Lucille for a few minutes, and forgot about her completely, until my brief encounter with her popped into my mind a few years ago.

Life is very strange. Sometimes something good emerges from something awful.


(There is a little more to this story, but I am not willing to put it in my blog. I will send it to a few friends by email, who usually get communication from me by tat method. If you are a reader and want to be on the list, email me at At the moment, I am planning to email David, woo, pandemonic, and Pete. That covers most of my regular readers, I think. If I left you out, don’t be insulted; just drop me a line.)


6 Responses to “Final Chapter of a Story of Late Dawning Realization”

  1. Pete Says:

    Wow! When things get dark, they get quiet,too!

  2. modestypress Says:

    Well, we are going to go visit Random Grandaughter pretty soon, so things should perk up a bit.

    She apparently is having a good time in kindergarten and has gone out for cross country competition.

  3. I don’t think it’s the least bit unfair to hold your parents responsible. It is very interesting, as you say, that someone wonderful resulted from this tragedy. Life is so very odd.

    • modestypress Says:

      I have no middle name, nor do my siblings, because my father hated his middle name. (Aunt Henriette told it to me once, but I’ve forgotten it.) However, if I had a middle name, it would be “odd.”

  4. Karen O Says:

    I’m glad things worked out well for your sister & niece. Your niece & her children must be a comfort & a joy to your sister.

    • modestypress Says:

      Karen, thank you for dropping in. There is no doubt that niece and children are the chief source of joy and comfort to my sister, as my wife, daughter, her partner, and my granddaughter are the chief source of of joy and comfort to my life.

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