Kindergarten News

September 25, 2009

A few days ago, my daughter called. Mama (my daughter) and Mommy (birth mother of Random Granddaughter) have tickets to a concert or play or something.

“Will you babysit for us?” she asked. “We thought we could save some money as you don’t charge us anything.”

It’s nice to know Mrs. Random and I are loved for our loveable selves and not just because we provide free babysitting.

“How does RG like kindergarten?” I asked.

“She is having a great time. She loves it.”

I thought about how great it is that our little genius of a granddaughter gets to be around other small children almost as smart as she is at the private School for Very Smart Children.

The other little smart-ass children will keep her in her place. Or she will organize them into a conspiracy to take over the world by the time they have reached second grade.

“She has gone out for cross country running,” my daughter continued.

“When kindergarteners run cross country, how far do they run?” I asked in amazement.

“I think they go 1/2 mile.”

I listened in amazement and awe. I keep forgetting to measure the exact distance, but it’s about a quarter of a mile along the private road from our driveway to the mailbox on the country road. It was not very long ago when RG would whine and asked to be picked up and carried if we made her walk all the way to the mailbox with us.

The next time she comes to visit us, I will insist that she run all the way to the mailbox and run all the way back to our little house in the medium sized woods, or no dessert at lunch for her!


5 Responses to “Kindergarten News”

  1. Pete Says:

    That’s just plain WRONG in my not-so-humble opininon! That’s an injury looking for a happening! I know because I am not-walking-at-all-well-38 years after running cross country example of how easily one can injure themselves when the bodyt is growing rapidly.

    Pardon my poor, or at least odd, grammar.

    /rant off

  2. I think I could do cross-country running if it were only half a mile. I wonder what her age group equivalent is of the pole vault?

    • modestypress Says:

      David, it might be safe for you to run half a mile. Perhaps you can come up and run the our mailbox and back as RG encourages you and exhorts you to greater effort.

      We have a fence about seven feet high to discourage the deer from leaping into our garden. Perhaps the deer need to learn to pole vault.

  3. woo Says:

    After almost a month of not running due to laziness and hayfever, I think half a mile cross-country sounds about right for my return to fitness. I shall follow RG’s example, in this, as in so many things 🙂

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