Weekend Plans

October 7, 2009

This weekend  we will babysit Random Granddaughter so the mommies can go out for a night. The advantage seems to be that we will do it for free and can be trusted with her.

We also are trying to get together with Mary from Peru, though we are having difficulty reconciling schedules.

I looked for Peruvian restaurants, thinking we could take Mary to lunch and she could discuss Peruvian cuisine with us. The good news is that there actually was a Peruvian restaurant near where she lives and works. The bad news is that it has been closed because of the building being remodeled. The good news is that it may open again some day in a new building.

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. We look forward to seeing RG and having her tell us what she is doing in kindergarten and to seeing Sylvie as well, though she is getting kind of old for a cat.

I am allergic to cats, though my allergies seem to have lessened as I get older. My wife, who was not allergic to cats, has developed allergies as she gets older.

I am considering getting a Siberian forest cat. This breed seems to create fewer allergic reactions in humans than most other types of cats. There is a breeder in Albany, Oregon. I figure we would have to spend a week petting and testing one of their kittens to see if we could safely adopt one.

As I get older and feebler, it seems to me that it would be nice to be able to sit with a cat in my lap and pet it and listen to it purr.

If I suggest this scheme to my wife, she will immediately tell me it is a very bad idea and we will have a big fight over it.

12 Responses to “Weekend Plans”

  1. teaspoon Says:

    Getting a Siberian forest cat seems like a wonderful idea to me. If a cat will add joy to your life, it is worth a few sneezes.

  2. modestypress Says:

    I discussed my idea with my wife. She had many objections and questions, but they were sensible ones and the conversation was courteous and respectful.

    My wife said we should concentrate on the chickens we plan to get before we investigate getting a cat. That was a reasonable demurral.

    The kind of chicken we plan to get is very affectionate. I may end up just sitting with a chicken in my lap, if I house train it and teach it to purr.

  3. woo Says:

    Chickens are apparently very affectionate and intelligent… or so I’m told by a friend who breeds them.

    Unconvinced, myself.

    Also, they are called ‘chooks’ here in Australia.

  4. Karen O Says:

    Will the pet chicken lay eggs in your lap? That would be kinda cool.

    I think.

  5. modestypress Says:

    The neighbors’ chickens pet at people’s legs to let the people know they want to be fed and to be picked up and petted. Seems pretty intelligent to me.

    My wife and I have discussed getting some chickens for food as well. We are not likely to become vegetarians, though my wife leans that way more than I do. In any case, I have this weird belief that if a person is not a vegetarian, he or she should once in a while kill their own food rather than depending on an invisible butcher who lives in the supermarket and comes out at night to do the deed for us.

    So I am mentally preparing myself to engage in chickenside. When my daughter once worked in a medical research lab, they did research on rabbits. My daughter steeled herself to kill the rabbits, though she did not eat them and did not like to talk about it.

  6. modestypress Says:

    I meant to say the neighbors’ chickens peck at people’s legs. They have several breeds of chickens, but the Dominiques are definitely the chickens which like people and like to be petted. It’s quite uncanny.

    I am still trying to figure out how to teach a chicken to purr. I’ve never heard of a chicken that will lay an egg in a lap. This would make quite a youtube video, I am sure.

  7. modestypress Says:

    Comments from an (unclear) Youtube video of a pigeon laying an egg (which fell on the floor and broke):

    My pet pigeon laid an egg in my lap once.

    lol, once a chicken laid an egg in my lap when i wuz nine

  8. teaspoon Says:

    My friend D, whom I am writing extensively about in my blog, owns a menagerie of animals, including one chicken and one goose. They are an inseparable pair, and the goose is the chicken’s protector. Although the chicken seems inclined to go up and mingle with humanfolk, the goose does not allow it and will threaten (and sometimes attack) any human who comes too close to its chicken. Although I’m more than a bit intimidated by the goose, I am also fascinated and touched by their relationship.

  9. modestypress Says:

    When I was in junior high in Brea, California, we owned (not very friendly) chickens and hostile ducks. The duck laid some eggs. A chicken laid in egg in the duck’s nest. The duck hatched half a dozen ducklings and one chicken. As I was only of junior high age, and thus not civilized yet, I looked forward to when the mother duck would try to teach the baby chick-duck how to swim.

    Some predator ate the ducklings and chick, thus ruining my fun.

  10. Pete Says:

    Ducks and geese can be very mean! And if you put a bunch of straw in your lap the chicken is more apt to lay an egg there. And I want a picture, too. We finished the garden this weekend and turned the chickens loose in the garden to fertilize it. They were very very happy chickens! Random I will send you a picture of our chickens and give you some coop ideas.

  11. modestypress Says:


    I will send you pictures. I look forward to the coop plans, though as my wife is very hard to please (as you know by now), I can’t guarantee we will use them.

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