Part 5: Tattling on the Drama Queen

October 10, 2009

Later, after I met her younger sister, V3, I once asked V3, “V2 once hinted to me she had been an alcoholic? Was she?”

V3 laughed and replied, “No, she is such a drama queen. Sometimes she likes to get all melodramatic about herself, but as far as I know she never had had a drinking problem.”

9 Responses to “Part 5: Tattling on the Drama Queen”

  1. Karen O Says:

    Hi Random.

    (This comment is not related to this post.)

    I was skimming through some of your posts here, & read a bit about Dr. Kellogg, the health fanatic.

    Dr. Kellogg lived into his 90s. That would seem to suggest that his ideas had some merit.

    However…his brother, who liked sugar & wasn’t as fastidious about his health as the doctor, also lived into his 90s.

    Guess they inherited some good genes, doncha think?

  2. Maybe she needed a 12-step melodrama program.

  3. modestypress Says:


    There is no doubt that some of his ideas had some merit. I spoke with my Aunt Henriette a few days ago and learned that my grandfather Harry spent a year studying with Dr. Kellogg at his sanitarium.

    Dr. Kellogg had some good ideas, but he had very little common sense, very little sense of proportion, was a narcissistic personality and was a complete kook about human sexuality.

    Dr. K apparently never had sexual relations with his wife despite many years of marriage. My grandfather, by all reports, was a lusty, randy old coot who sired four children on my grandmother, who was also a narcissistic personality. I suppose it all came together in some way or other, but it all beats me.

    Though my wife and I indulged in beatings in our marital relations.

  4. modestypress Says:


    My wife and I just spent three days with out granddaughter who put us through a 256 step melodrama program. Much as we love her, she is a drama queen of Olympic competition caliber.

    However, within a few minutes of one of her Olympic drama queen performances she then ran a half mile in a kindergarten cross-country competition. Whether it damaged her feet (Pete’s concern) I don’t know. She was a bit red in the face, as were all the other little girls. They weren’t keeping score, but as grandparents we were sort of. Out of perhaps 60 little girls in her heat, she came in perhaps 10th or 15th or so.

    She got a ribbon for competing and is very proud.

    She also found another present for you and your special person, David, so when you least expect them, two presents will arrive in your mailbox. You and special person must run at least 1/2 mile, carrying your therapist with you. As she is an Amazon, perhaps it is possible.

  5. modestypress Says:

    Oh, dear, I am so dyslexic! I meant to say, my wife and I NEVER engaged in beatings in our marital relations. What will RG think about her grandparents?! Perhaps as wicked thoughts as I think about my grandparents.

  6. Karen O Says:

    You had me worried there for a bit!

    I don’t know if I was clear enough in my comment about the Kelloggs. My point was that if we only looked at the fact that the doctor lived into his 90s, we’d think it was due to his health regimen.

    But the fact that his non-health-nut brother also lived into his 90s points more to good genes for the both of them.

    If I did in fact make this clear the first time, sorry for the rerun.

  7. modestypress Says:

    Karen, I was being clueless. It is quite complicated. My father died at 48. His sisters reached 80s and 90s. My mother reached late 80s. Her sister 80s. Her brother 90s.

    So my genes are probably pretty good. In the case of my father, he was very angry. I have a very bad temper also, though I made it to mid sixties. One of my brothers is quite mad and had a heart attack, but he is still alive. The combination of genes, healthful living and diet, and psychology is quite complicated.

    My daughter has had several serious (thought not critically so) health conditions she didn’t seem to inherit from either her mother or from me. She’s had a fairly healthy life style. What is all that about?

    All very odd.

  8. Karen O Says:

    Well, I guess the best we can do, with or without “good genes”, is live as healthy a lifestyle as we can.

    And leave the rest to God.

    (I just had to say that. 😉 )

    • modestypress Says:

      Karen, like worldmagblog, my blog is a fairly free speech area. I find your comments interesting, respectful, informed, and intelligent. I consider it very unlikely that I will ever have a disagreeable reaction to one of your comments (though I may disagree with them from time to time.

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