Preparing for Grandparents Day

November 24, 2009

Tomorrow we will leave early to catch an early ferry and get to the School for Very Bright Children to observe Random Granddaughter in kindergarten.

Although we don’t much believe in spoiling children in our family, with five grandmas and four grandpas, RG is used to a buffet spread as far as choosing among grandparents goes.

Although a few of the children at the SVBC are scholarship children such as RG, most of them come from fairly wealthy families. Many of the wealthy grandparents will be present. I would not be surprised if RG ignores Mrs. Random and myself, or at most pays the most perfunctory attention to us, as she chats up other grandparents, evaluates their bank balances and estates, and drops gentle hints about including her in their wills. She likes the bunnies, squirrels, and chipmunks around our tiny estate well enough, but I am sure by now she has an eye for for pedigreed cats and dogs, as well as for Jaguars and Cougars as well.


5 Responses to “Preparing for Grandparents Day”

  1. David Says:

    I can’t wait to hear all about it. *panting in anticipation*

  2. woo Says:

    All you have to do is outlive the other grandparents…

    Keep going to the gym and eating all that healthy home-grown produce (and, you know, keep up the payments to the devil and all) and you’ll soon be RG’s only option.

    Now there’s a cheery thought!

  3. Pete Says:

    Face it. Yer screwed. So yesterday!

  4. modestypress Says:

    We went to Grandparents day and observed RG perform in a PC version of the Gingerbread Man and observed RG and the evil peer at recess. RG has been instructed to straighten out the evil peer. In a few minutes we will have a pre-Thanksgiving roast chicken dinner with the barely extended family and see how the soap opera is progressing.

  5. mmacmurray Says:

    Happy anniversary! Congratulations on 44 years of marriage.

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