Grandparents Day (Part 4)

December 1, 2009

After our visit to Random Granddaughter’s kindergarten class and observation of her performance as a cow in the bowdlerized dramatization of “The Gingerbread Boy,” we joined the mommies and RG for dinner at their house. After a very weary RG had gone to bed, we learned a little more of the back story of her attachment to BIP (Bad influence Peer).

As the private school has a preschool, fourteen of the sixteen children in the class were peers in preschool and already knew each other and had already formed social bonds before kindergarten began.

Who knows how friendships and bonds form at the age of five? Perhaps there was some initial chemistry between RG and BIP on the first days of kindergarten. However, as two children who found themselves as the outsiders in an already existing social group, there were powerful forces pushing the little girls toward forming a friendship.

The other interesting part of the equation is that BIP is the daughter of a billionaire. Her daddy’s name does not start with Bill or Paul or Warren, but he is someone who is probably on a first name basis with those people. Pictures indicate that her mother is quite beautiful. Other information indicates that she is a younger second wife and a former ambassador.

In any case, the mommies regard RG’s close attachment to BIP with some misgivings, and have been trying to get RG to extend her social horizons. Other children from her kindergarten class have been invited over to the mommies’ house for “playdates.”

7 Responses to “Grandparents Day (Part 4)”

  1. Pete Says:

    Am I seeing double or is there a problem with copy/paste?

  2. woo Says:

    connubial tasks?

    I am agog.

    And as for RG’s BIP, I’m convinced that RG will be a beneficial influence on her and therefore save the world from a future tyrant.

    • modestypress Says:

      The connubial tasks were removing from screws from doors. Believe me, whatever you imagine, it was less exciting.

      Until the age of four, RG’s best friend was Mia, daughter of two people with doctorates in science, who showed considerable possibility of being a mad scientist/tyrant. BIP is perhaps more suited for being a very rich person who squanders billions on boy toys, unless she decides to go for girl toys.

  3. modestypress Says:

    Something went amiss in my orginal posting (perhaps stupidity), and I reposted.

  4. I always say, if you have to have a bad influence in your life, at least make it a wealthy one.

  5. modestypress Says:

    Perhaps this will all turn into a modern version of Mark Twain’s novel about switched identities, Pudd’nhead Wilson,

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