Pre-Christmas Visit by Mommies and RG

December 24, 2009

The mommies and Random Granddaughter just left for the return ferry after a two-day pre-Christmas visit. The visit went very well. On the whole, RG had a good time, but she still is a world-class drama queen and still has a very tumultuous relationship with food, so there were scenes of great drama, and it was clear that RG still considers starch and sugar sufficient to cover all nutritional needs.

RG visited the Friendly Neighbors, bringing along a digital camera that takes videos and eager to try out making a video of the the “ladies” [hens] to see if they might someday be fit to star in a  movie. The Friendly Neighbor handed RG batches of “scratch” (chicken feed) to attract the chickens to get them to pose for for their screen test. After a few minutes the, Mrs. Friendly Neighbor joined us with a bag of her homemade chocolate chip cookies, and began tossing chocolate chip cookies to the chickens, who began eagerly consuming them.

I asked RG what would be the effect of tossing chocolate chip cookies into her kindergarten classroom. She was much amused at the thought of her classmates scrabbling for chocolate chip cookies over the kindergarten classroom floor.

Mommy has directed RG to select six of her friends to invite to her birthday party (which will occur in February). The mommies have been concerned about RG’s attachment to a little friend whom I designate as BIP (Bad Influence Peer) who happens to be the daughter of a billionaire. Apparently, the family of BIP travels frequently to expensive ski resorts during vacation times, so the chances of BIP attending RG’s birthday party seem a bit uncertain at the moment.

13 Responses to “Pre-Christmas Visit by Mommies and RG”

  1. Karen O Says:

    I hope you & Mrs. Random had a lovely Christmas. We sure did.

    • modestypress Says:


      Mrs. Random and I had a wonderful Christmas. The Friendly Neighbors (lot #1) invited Joe and Melinda, Mrs. Random and I, and two other guests over for Christmas dinner. All the guests contributed wonderful dishes.

      Mrs. Random provided cooked carrots from a new recipe (using carrots from our garden) which she had taste-tested on me on Christmas eve to make sure they would not kill our neighbors). The carrots were greeted with great delight and enthusiasm, which my wife acknowledged with her usual modesty and humility. We had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. David Says:

    It seems downright criminal to throw chocolate chip cookies to hens! I can only hope they were stale, or in some way distasteful to the human palate.

  3. modestypress Says:


    I wondered about this myself. I wondered if there was some hidden message to Mr. Friendly Neighbor about their marriage (he seemed a little surprised about her gift to the chickens as well), but in the interest of tact I did not ask any questions.

    My wife asked, “Is it safe for the chickens to eat chocolate?” The Friendly Neighbors said, “The chickens eat everything.”

    As they spoke, I observed the chickens pecking up pieces of cookie and chocolate chips with great enthusiasm, so perhaps chickens appreciate chocolate chip cookies as much as we do.

    In about ten minutes, I am going down to the friendly neighbors to pick up a dozen eggs. The next time we eat eggs (which may be tomorrow morning), I will taste carefully to see if the eggs taste like chocolate.

  4. modestypress Says:

    More about the chickens and the chocolate chip cookies. When I saw the Friendly Neighbors again (to pick up some eggs), they mentioned that the chocolate chip cookies were not a product of Mrs. Friendly Neighbor’s baking, but had been donated by a friend of theirs who had produced “too many” cookies.

    I suspected that there had not only been too many chocolate chip cookies, but they were not very good. Perhaps chocolate chip cookies that had reached the level of Christmas fruit cakes and traveled the neighborhood looking for victims.

    When Mrs. Random was a little girl, her mother, out of the best motives I am sure, insisted on her eating liver. Sometimes my wife sat with a bit of liver in her mouth for an hour rather tahn swallow it. Sometimes, she snuk it under the table to George, the family dog.

    In any case, the chickens may only have pretended to like the chocolate chip cookies. Perhaps tonight, the chickens will attack the Friendly Neighbors in their beds. I know the Friendly Neighbors sleep with a large fluffy cat in their bed. I hope they do not feed the cat fruit cake chocolate chip cookies, so it will defend them against the attack of the chocolate chip cooky revenge-seeking chickens.

    James Cameron will no doubt turn this all into a 3-D movie one of these years.

  5. Did RG get everything she wanted for Christmas? Did you? It sounds like, despite the food drama, you had a great visit with her. I have trouble imagining chocolate chip cookies so bad I would throw them to chickens.

    • modestypress Says:

      Waxing Strange,

      We did have a good visit. We have mostly moved away from giving and receiving presents in our family. Mostly we regard spending time together as our main presents.

  6. Pete Says:

    Hey Random – How come it says there are 9 posts but I only see five here? And have you been so busy ripping them up at WMB that you don’t have time for a new post???

  7. modestypress Says:


    There are replies to comments nested in with the comments and in this hierarchy comment structure the lower level comments don’t seem to be counted in the count of new comments. (I just wrote that explanation and it doesn’t even make sense to me.)

    I have not been busy ripping them up at worldmagblog that much. I will teach my first senior driver safety class as a volunteer next week and I am busy getting ready for teaching, so I have not been writing blog posts. Do you want to attend my class?

  8. Pete Says:

    Funny you should ask! I’be been having lots of senior moments recently with school starting back up! Christmas break is one of our busiest times of the year because we can shut down and upgrade servers! So is you class virtual?

  9. modestypress Says:

    My class is not virtual. However, AARP does have virtual classes, but they are efficient impersonal classes.

    I am working on making my non-virtual class personal and efficient. This is known as squaring the circle.

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