January 29, 2010


I wrote a couple of blog posts about a computer store on the island where I live. I referred to the store as John Quincy Adams computers because their name sounds like (a different) United States President. The store consists of Mom, Dad, and Son. Son turned out to be “Son-in-Law.” I bought a laptop from them. Their service has turned out to be very good and I have turned into a loyal and appreciative customer.



One day Dad blurted out to me that Son-in-Law was ill, ill to the point of death with a heart ailment. Son-in was brought back from the brink of death and seems to be doing reasonably well. I see Mom and Dad (who are a little older than I am, I think) and Son-in-Law fairly frequently at the gym.

Today, in the locker room I said to Son-in-Law, “I have a personal question. Feel free not to answer, and feel free to tell me to go away. I have never heard of a daughter to Mom and Dad…?”

He replied, quite amiably, “My marriage to Robin [(I presume the daughter] ended about four years ago. She moved to the East Coast. When I answer the phone at the store, people say I sound just like Dad. [I have noticed this, but I can tell the difference.]

This answered my question, but leaves a lot of other questions, but I think I was given as much information as I can reasonably expect to get.

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