Random Granddaughter Takes Care of Things

March 10, 2010


As I mentioned in my last blog post, my daughter was very sweet and kindly as a child. Her mother pretended to be a “land shark” when she was three years old and scared the poor child half to death.

As a small child, Random Daughter, could not bear to kill a spider. Before her mom could destroy a reckless arachnid in the house, she would put it in a jar, take it outside, and gently explain to it that if it wanted to live to a ripe old eight-legged life, it should stay outdoors.

However, genetics has triumphed in the long run. Now that she is an adult, when my daughter finds a spider in her house, she promptly smashes it.

When Random Granddaughter was going through her initial potty training, as she was making progress, she had a mysterious set back, suddenly refusing to use the toilet. Eventually Mommy (her birth mother, my daughter’s partner) figured out the problem had to do with the children’s song that describes how a spider goes up the water spout. She had seen Mommy flush a large spider down the toilet and imagined the spider coming back up while she was sitting on her potty seat.

A few weeks ago, we visited the Barely Extended Family, shortly after RG had turned six years of age.

After a trip to the bathroom she mentioned there had been a spider in the bathroom. “I took care of it,” RG told us in a matter of fact manner. Grandma was filled with admiration. As we drove home, “I took care of it,” Grandma repeated with satisfaction several times.


3 Responses to “Random Granddaughter Takes Care of Things”

  1. Hey, not all people are bug smashers, some flee in screaming terror. We are a rare and glorious breed, the vanquishers of bugs.

  2. modestypress Says:

    Despite the mommies’ efforts to raise RG to be a gentle and peaceful person, I suspect she is destined to have some smashing skills and tendencies

  3. Norwichrocks Says:

    If RG would like to pop over here and take care of my bug problem, too, I’d be delighted. 🙂

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