Bungling at the Chicken Coop Construction

March 21, 2010

Yesterday (Saturday) we worked energetically and incompetently at building the chicken house. We are attaching rafters for the roof. The Friendly Neighbor helped us attach the first rafter and left us to complete the others.

The next step was to attach the fascia, which runs along the rafters. First, most of the rafters did not reach far enough for the fascia to be attached properly. Then as we were contemplating the mess with despair, and wondering if we should pull out the screws that attached two the two rafters at the ends, we realized that we had somehow built the ladder into the chicken house. Somewhere, Escher is cackling with glee.

David is very busy, but I hope he will take a look. I am sure even he wll be impressed by our incompetence. I am going to print a copy of the picture and show the friendly neighbor. He supervises Habitat for Humanity construction project;  perhaps he can use our photo as a training aid.

Haste MakesBungled ladder built into chicken coop


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