Last Minute Save; Cult Madness at the Library

March 21, 2010

After church today, the friendly neighbor came over and saved the fascia on our rafters. The save was simple. The problem was that the 2×4 making up the fascia was bowed, often the case with wood. Turning the board over so the bow put it closer to the rafters made it possible to attach the screws.

Mrs. Random and I gratefully said, “Duh.”

I am at the library at the moment, working on materials for my next Driver Safety Program classes next week. An intense young lady sat at the compute next to me. She looked 18, but  after conversation, I suspect she is older in chronological years.

She began to tell me that her partner is being held captive by a cult and has been a captive for four years.

Carefully, I asked, “Can law enforcement do anything about this?”

She indicated they are working on it, but very slowly. Local law enforcement is not able to handle this; it has to go the the “highest” levels.

The cult members follow each of them around town and keep them separated from each other. “This drives us crazy, do you understand?” she told me earnestly. In the meantime, the “highest level” law enforcement people are tracking everybody involved all around town.

I suspect (but don’t know), that the other person and this young lady are being kept separated from each other, perhaps by parents. I am hoping never to know any more about this than I learned today.

Carefully, I expressed understanding. I did not offer to help with the rescue.

She told me that I am a very understanding person.

I fairly often met people such as this when in libraries and riding public transport. Is there an invisible sign over my head that displays: THIS PERSON  SEEKS THE COMPANY OF CRAZY PEOPLE?


9 Responses to “Last Minute Save; Cult Madness at the Library”

  1. Norwichrocks Says:

    There is such a sign, yes. I know because I have one, too.

    I suspect that the person rather likes drama and quite possibly has the kind of mental health problems which tend to be found in libraries the world over… usually best to agree with them and then back away, I find.

  2. modestypress Says:

    Rocks, perhaps we both should attach a real sign that says Company of crazy people not wanted; please both someone else!.

    Also, the United States has a “cult” attachment to the right to carry and bear arms. I don’t know if you could pull this off in Oz, but I suppose I could start packing a revolver when I go to the library.

    Perhaps in Australia, you could carry a spear gun and say that as a diver you are worried about Great White Sharks attacking you in the library. At least this would convince them that you are not crazy.

  3. modestypress Says:

    I meant to type “Please bother someone else.”

    However, you may bother me anytime you want.

  4. The cult thing is just plain strange. I mean, if the partner has been held captive for four years … how did they ever even meet in the first place? I suppose weirder things have happened, but still. This is why I don’t go to libraries.

    • modestypress Says:

      As you know, I worked for one of the largest public library systems in the United States for the last 12 years before I retired.

      During the time I worked there, I was approached by a number of people of doubtful sanity. One told me that the library computers were spying on her. Another was writing an elaborate report on the people from outer space who had kidnapped him.

      On the other hand, in my last few years working there, as the quality of my supervisors deteriorated, I began to feel that I had been kidnapped by a cult.

  5. Pete Says:

    Your question of attracting crazy people… Consider you blog participants!

    How’s the chicken house coming?

  6. Pete Says:

    Disregard chicken question. I just scrolled down. Nice escape ladder!

  7. Well, you are a frequent commenter on my blog, so I would say the sign wouldn’t be inaccurate. It could, in fact, read “I will accept crazy people as adopted siblings.”

    I think I was that crazy person in the library that other day. I was attacked by a weird impulse to say completely useless things to someone who had asked an unrelated question. I am turning into my mother.

  8. modestypress Says:

    I suppose we all turn into at least one of our parents. Nevertheless, it is our job to turn it around.

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