Roof! Roof!

April 11, 2010

I hope to have pictures up by tomorrow or Monday.

4 Responses to “Roof! Roof!”

  1. Pete Says:

    The roof must have blown off in that windstorm the other day! How did you fare? We lost a lot of trees.

    • modestypress Says:

      I am without a computer at the moment. I am generating this comment by sheer mind power (with a little assistance from the local public library). Our windstorm was not that bad, unless it is hitting even as I type this reply. We were supposed to get insulation today. (Don’t want cold chickens!) I am so behind.

  2. Norwichrocks Says:

    Pictures? Home DIY projects? I take my hat off to you, sir. The most I attempt in that line is changing a light bulb.

    • modestypress Says:

      They have invented a lighted “bulb”? I heard rumors that a chap named Edison was working on such a device, but I didn’t know that it was actually working yet. You must be much more advanced in Oz than we are here.

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