Baby Chicks

April 30, 2010

Eeny, Meeny, Whiny, and Mo the Punkette

We were told that the first thing the chicks would want was water. However, they immediately headed for the chickee baby food and started pecking. One seemed to have been hatched prematurely, and mostly peeped loudly and hideously, so Mrs. Random changed  its name from Miny to Whiny. After stuffing their beaks, three of them began drinking. Whiny did not seem to know how to drink, so Mrs. Random pushed it’s head into the water and it finally got the concept. Mo, seems to be the “punkette” of the group and began pecking the cardboard around the cage,  trying to lead a “breakout” to freedom.

Why also seemed to have a problem with pooping, so Mrs. Random had to wipe its bottom for it. We don’t know if Whiny is just a retarded hatchling or will catch up with her sisters.

When I got home from a class, this afternoon, Mrs. Random said they seemed bored and aimless and acted as if they needed to be entertained. Perhaps they will go for some television?

Late night bulletin, at last look this evening,  Mrs. Randon expressed doubt that Whiny would make it to morning.

4 Responses to “Baby Chicks”

  1. Pete Says:

    I have anxiously awaited your post on your new peeps! Sorry about Whiny. They are rather frail at one day old and that happens. If you replace Whiny you should do so soon, as putting a 1 day old chick in with 2 week old chicks can make life difficult and short for the one day old one. I have some late breaking news on our chicken front. We have a lesbian chicken!! No I am not making this up… It jumps on top of the other chickens and grinds aways like a rooster would, apparently “Finishes” and hops off!! I’ve never seen anything like it! It doesn’t look like a rooster or crow like a rooster. Sure does hump like one, though! Go figure!

  2. modestypress Says:

    I am shocked to learn about a lesbian chicken!. I was able to deal with having a lesbian daughter, and Random Grandaughter has met a school mate with two mommies, so she probably can hold her head up in society, but I am not sure my chickens are ready to learn about lesbian chickens. I will explain to them that the chickens in Eastern Washington are fairly strange. Perhaps I should take them to the Friendly Neighbors’ Church and they can all cluck a prayer for her!

  3. Pete Says:

    Or “lay hens” on her… pun very intended!!

  4. modestypress Says:

    Please! They are just babies!

    Whiny seems to still have a poopy problem and has to get her butt cleaned periodically. It is windy today, so our power might go out. If that happens, I am supposed to light a fire in the wood stove for them and bring them downstairs so they don’t freeze to death. (My wife has left for her providing relief care for caretakers of Alzheimer’s disease patients, so she has left the babies to the tender mercies of Grandpa. Probably before she left, she whispered instructions in their ears about how to take care of me.)

    They were tearing up the newspaper at the bottom of their cage, so Mrs. Random put down some wood shavings. They chased each other, fighting over the shavings. Mrs. Random was worried they did not know not to eat the wood shavings. However, they are back to the baby food kernels, so they seem to be all right in this regard.

    Also they pecked at a sunbeam shining in their cage, so that will have to do as a television signal for their entertainment.

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