May 4, 2010

For several years, apparently because I am a nut, I have participated on a web site of evangelical Christians, hosted by World Magazine, and including bloggers and comment posters called

I describe myself as a radical “high” agnostic ethical nihilist. I regard myself as a mild, reasonable easy-going person, but I am always getting myself into trouble and conflict.

Anyway, I just received an email telling me to stop participating. I don’t know if people bearing flaming torches or telling me they “love” me will come here to visit me. A few nice people such as Karen, Mommy, Cameron (though busy with her fragile new baby at the moment) and Kyle do visit from time to time. WMB is where I met Pete, one of my faithful and valued constant readers. He gave up the wmb habit and probably is happy to see me going “cold turkey” as well.

17 Responses to “Banished”

  1. Cameron Says:

    Dude, you got an email from WMB to tell you to leave?!? Or was it from another poster? That’s craziness, assuming you didn’t violate the ToS, which I didn’t see you do in our mutual time there.

    Thanks for the shout-out, by the way—GC is doing as well as she can be; the meds work for now, so hopefully no surgery, at least for a while.

  2. modestypress Says:

    Cameron, good to hear from you. Both my daughter and now my granddaughter have had unrelated “aunts” as they were growing up. Perhaps my granddaughter, Anne Elise, will be an aunt for Grace. Anne Elise will be attending various church services as she grows up, so perhaps she will be a good influence as an “aunt” for Grace.

    Perhaps not. One of her “aunts” is a liberal female Episcopalian minister. Perhaps I should send Anne Elise to go hear Tim preach a reformed sermon before she ends up in reform school for creating her own new religion with two female goddesses and two male gods.

    As far as wmb goes, I did indeed get an email from the current “Web Editor.” However, I am something of a trouble maker and I will confess that I have a habit of sailing too close to the wind.

    Be on the verge of doing something illegal or improper, as in She was sailing pretty close to the wind when she called him a liar. This term alludes to the danger incurred when literally sailing too close to (that is, in the direction of) the wind. Its figurative use dates from the first half of the 1800s.

  3. Cameron Says:

    I would be pleased if Anne Elise and Grace could meet one day!

    Unless that was an across-the-board crackdown, that’s crazy—there were several other people who needed to go instead.

  4. Kim Says:

    No mention of Kim. None at all. It is good I have thick skin. You didn’t even see fit to send me an email telling me you had been banned. I had to find it out like everyone else today. Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I shall go eat worms.

    I at least hope I am still on the DeathCon 1 email list. What shall I do without you, you crazy old man. I still say you need to be careful about the chicken house.

    • modestypress Says:

      I am se…se…Nile river. I am on de Nile river. Old man river.   I apologize. Not only that, I am a murderer. about an hour ago, my wife said, “I don’t think Whiny is going to make it. The other chickens are starting to peck at her.”   She asked me to cut off her head, while she wept. I never posted my second (cleaned up) version of “An Atheist’s Reasons for Not Engaging in abortion.”   My wife said, after I did the deed, “I just don’t do well with infanticide.”   Depending on how much trouble you want to cause, you can post any or al of this on worldmagblog.   Being a narcissist, I will go and see what they are saying about me.   Warning: do not mess with Christina and me. If somebody wrote a book about us (Ann Rule, would probably be the appropriate person, especially as she lives in Seattle), I guess it would have to be called, The Weeping Murderers. Last time somebody messed with us (20 years ago), we won a $100,000 law suit. However, we let everybody live that time.   It’s just as well Mickey banned me from worldmagblog. I am not sure some of the people there have a prayer, or enough.   Anne Elise is supposed to arrive for Mother’s Day. She will learn that Grandma and Grandpa are baby chick murderers. Well, Mama (my daughter) better watch it. Years ago she managed a medical research lab doing research on lung surfactants. Rabbits had to die so lungs can be inflated. My daughter hated doing it, but like her mother, she is a person who does what needs to be done.   Again, apologies for not notifying you.

  5. Jill Says:

    Well Stephen, it has been a very rough last week and so I have spent almost no time on World. Tonight I sat down and read some of Whirled Views and saw you were banned. Well, that answers my question as to why you weren’t around. Are you banned for a certain time period or forever? Either way I miss you on the site. I can think of others who would certainly deserve the ban more but who am I?
    We went to apply for SS disability. Hubby has gotten worse. Life just is plain hard righ now. I am so glad RG is coming. How about a new pic?

  6. Kim Says:

    I have you bookmarked and will keep up with you here.

  7. Pete Says:

    Random Random… At least you *admit* that you were a bit of a trouble maker. I like reading you here, but I never cared much for reading you there… But you certainly ewre not the only one. I think more people appreciated you, though they may not admit it, than you think. I know I did, and I’ve been following you here for a good 7 years or so. Maybe you will have more time to write here, now that you are not trying to drive Christians insane!
    Yes I gave up the daily reading of WMB a few years ago, but still drop in now and then. I had read that blog since its inception many years back. I will have to go back in and see what they are saying about you. I did drop in the other day and saw that there was trouble a brewin’. It is so hard to have a good blog these days without some kind of flame war starting! I hope you don’t miss them too much!

  8. Pete Says:

    Hey Random, you ARE missed at WMB! Within 2 minutes of looking at the site I found 2 posts. Drill says “Where’s Random name whaen you need him” and Donna J says “We do need someone to channel Random Name in his absence.” I’m sure there is more but I have to get back to work!

  9. Kim Says:

    You are missed. Cheryl D. wrote some very nice things about you. You were like, was it Icarus? Flying closer and closer to the sun. You knew you were antagonizing but you just couldn’t stop yourself. I have a problem with that occassionally my own self.

  10. Kicked off WMB? What *is* the world coming to, when conservative Christians won’t tolerate dissenting opinions?

    Oh, wait. Never mind.

  11. Cameron Says:

    Yeah, because unbelievers never make personal attacks or broad sweeping generalizations about believers.

    I happen to be a devout, conservative, biblical Christian who views the Bible as fact. Since Random and I seem to get along fine, I think there’s a problem with your premise, David.

  12. modestypress Says:

    I like to collect things to put on my tombstone. (My tombstone will be a hundred stories high.)

    For now, I rather like:

    There was a problem with your premise.

  13. Cameron Says:

    Random, I never quite know what to do with you!

  14. modestypress Says:

    Neither does my wife. You read a little post by me once a week or so; she has to put up with me every day.

      • modestypress Says:

        I may be getting “good”in my old age. My wife and I have gone a day and a half without fussing. I may have to go downstairs and start a squabble just to stay in shape. Especially as the gym is closed for a week for maintenance, though as as far as I know, they don’t have a Nautilus exercise device called The Offender Machine.

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