RG Rummages

May 8, 2010

Part 4

After lunch Random Granddaughter and I went with Mommy back to RG’s house. RG’s favorite preschool teacher was invited for dinner and a post graduate reunion with the “pre-K” girl now in actual kindergarten and Mommy invited me to stay.

I had RG call Grandma to tell her Grandpa was staying for dinner. Grandma always thinks I am imposing myself on the family, when I only do so some of the time.

Mama made a brief appearance and returned to her enchantment by the calculus sorcerer. Mama prepared chicken shish kabob on the grill. The Lutheran private school behind the Mommies’ house was having a Rummage sale. The Mommies are very fond of rummage sales; many of the furnishings and much of the library come from such sales, so RG has become an active rummager at the age of 6.

Mommy: “I don’t think you have any money.”

RG: (rummaging in her bank): “I have thirteen cents and three dollars.”

Grandpa and RG walked to the Rummage sale. The Rummage Sale closed at 4 pm. It was 3:45. I said, “I don’t know how much stuff they have this late.”

Silly Grandpa. The Rummage sale was full of…well…to put it bluntly…full of junk.

Several adults were lined up at the check out tables with huge piles of junk, bargaining.

RG looked at the dolls. She grabbed two small dolls. She asked me to hold them. While I held them, she found a small china piano, about three inches high. [RG takes piano lessons.] RG said, “For Mama.” I didn’t understand, as my daughter has never touched a piano.

[Earlier, Mary from Peru had told us that she would like to take violin lessons. Mommy majored in violin. Mary said she had found violins very expensive to rent. Mommy sometimes gives violin lessons. She recently had her violin appraised. Its value came to many thousands of dollars. Mommy did not offer to give Mary violin lessons or to rent her a violin.]

RG did not find a bargain violin at the rummage sale. While a (I think Chinese) woman called her husband and gave him directions in perhaps Chinenglish of how to find the rummage sale location so he could meet his wife so he could pay for and to pick up her spectacular collection of jummage, the volunteer turned to RG and her booty. The total should have been $3 by the sales tags, but as it was five minutes to closing, RG got the entire stash for $2. I foresee great finances or perhaps a great collection of junk, and perhaps a Chinese spouse in RG’s future.

3 Responses to “RG Rummages”

  1. One adult’s junk is a child’s treasure. It is astonishing the wonderful things that thirteen cents and three dollars can buy at a rummage sale. I remember liking garage sales when I was about the same age, particularly for the old books that people would practically give away, all stained with coffee rings and smelling horribly of stale cigarette smoke.

  2. … the books were that way, not the people giving them away. Although now that I think about it, the people sort of fit that description as well.

  3. modestypress Says:

    That’s called a “Senior Citizen” center, where I will soon be.

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