The Juvenile Delinquents Come Out

June 6, 2010

Our three baby chickens, (now teenagers in chicken years) known collectively as “the juvenile delinquents” have received individual names, displayed individual personalities, and are now introduced to you. Perhaps this is their “coming out” party.

The smallest one is known as Little Peep. Although the others pick on her, she is fairly spunky. Mrs. Random, small and spunky, identifies with her. “She is very standoffish and doesn’t like me to pick her up,” says Mrs. Random, an introvert who likes to hide in the woods.

The punk of the bunch is Moll. Originally Moe, Mrs. Random did not regard that name as describing her attitude. We have been concerned that Moll is a rooster, but if so, she is a very small rooster. Moll is always trying to break out of their cage, either by pecking her way out through the cardboard that lines the indoor cage, or by flying out when Mrs. Random lifts the top to bring in food or water. Moll pecks the hands that fees her so sharply that I have taken to wearing gloves. Moll is turning into the Little Liu of the flock, frankly.

Big Mama is the largest of the group. Perhaps we will have to put a treadmill in the coop so she doesn’t get too fat. I am working on getting some pictures of the three hens, but frankly, once you have seen one picture of a teenage juvenile delinquent chicken, you probably have seen enough chicken pictures to last you for days.

2 Responses to “The Juvenile Delinquents Come Out”

  1. Pete Says:

    Thank goodness you are still alive! I thought you had thrown in the blog towel! but apparently you were just extra busy dealing with the youngn’s. Yes, the terrible chicken twos… They will become friendlier when they REALLY understand that they require you to feed them. Then they are your best friend. Tell Mrs. R not to take it personally.

  2. modestypress Says:

    I am thankful to be still alive, though as an atheist I guess I thank the empty sky.

    Terrible twos does describe the little rascals. Mrs. R always take everything personally, and speaks severely to the miscreants as she cares for them tenderly. They know which side of the feed pan is oatmealed.

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