I will have to split my report about the barely extended family’s visit into several parts. Part of it, for security reasons, I will put in my private blog.

Random Granddaughter first took out the barn. She had a conversation with the sheep, who wished to move to a new location in the barn. RG, very accommodating to sheep, moved it the upper floor of the barn. The sheep said nothing, which I interpreted as expressing sheep content.

RG took out her box of wooden blocks that live at our house (under the couch). She took out the train that lives at our house (under the couch). She built a train station for the train. She took out her fire truck (that lives at her house but traveled on the ferry with her to the island). She expanded the station to have room for the fire engine.

I thought, RG needs a ferry. Then she can build a ferry station as well.

It was time for lunch. Everyone gathered around the table. Grandma put out a plate of crackers and cheese. (Grandma is playing it very safe in regard to food when RG comes to visit.) RG ate a couple of crackers. RG ate some cheese. [Grandma was impressed that she ate something else before first scarfing all the crackers.

Grandma served some tomato soup. She had not been planning to serve RG any tomato soup. Mama (Random Daughter) sitting next to RG, said to her, “Have some tomato soup.) RG said, “I don’t want any soup.” Mama said, “You like tomato soup. Eat a little.” Grandma provided RG with a small bowl of tomato soup. RG took two bites of tomato soup without any drama queen histrionics, and then returned to her crackers and cheese.

Grandma put some deviled eggs on the table. RG said, “I don’t want any eggs.” Mama urged her to take a bite. RG calmly took two bites of egg white. (Mommy later told us that RG likes egg whites, but not egg yolks, deviled or angelic.)

RG was obviously getting tired. She went upstairs for a nap. When she was upstairs, she discovered she was no longer tired. After various visits from Mama and Mommy she did fall asleep.

Mommy (Out of Law partner) explained her secret trick. “I have her close her eyes. I stroke her eyelids gently. She falls asleep.”

Next: RG shovels dirt and the secret dirt on Harvard rejects RG’s graduate school application (in secret blog).