The Butterfly Comes Out of

October 8, 2007

At one point during the Barely Extended Family’s weekend visit, Mommy (Random Granddaughter’s birth mother and my daughter’s partner) and I took RG for a walk in the woods.

We spotted a “woolly bear” caterpillar on the ground, inspiring some examination and discussion.

At one point, Mom (who is a grade school teacher at a private school for high-IQ children) decided to provide a “teachable moment.”

She asked, “Do you know what a caterpillar turns into?”

RG thought for a couple of minutes, digging through her mental reservoir of natural history. At last, she triumphantly announced, “It turns into a butterfly.” She thought some more; the floodgates of information were opening; she explicated further:

“The butterfly comes out of the raccoon.”

She stared in bewilderment as Mommy and Grandpa could not keep themselves from bursting out in intense laughter. However, we decided not to amend her understanding at this point. It’s always good to hold such moments in reserve to embarrass children when they become teenagers.