May 4, 2010

For several years, apparently because I am a nut, I have participated on a web site of evangelical Christians, hosted by World Magazine, and including bloggers and comment posters called

I describe myself as a radical “high” agnostic ethical nihilist. I regard myself as a mild, reasonable easy-going person, but I am always getting myself into trouble and conflict.

Anyway, I just received an email telling me to stop participating. I don’t know if people bearing flaming torches or telling me they “love” me will come here to visit me. A few nice people such as Karen, Mommy, Cameron (though busy with her fragile new baby at the moment) and Kyle do visit from time to time. WMB is where I met Pete, one of my faithful and valued constant readers. He gave up the wmb habit and probably is happy to see me going “cold turkey” as well.