The plot thickens. After leaving cranky email messages and cranky voice mail messages, I called one last time and talked to a real person (whose accent does not sound Hispanic at all). Apparently she had finally called my wife (which I had urged her to do about forty times).

So I don’t know.

Her accent doesn’t sound Hispanic at all. It sounds Generation X.

Maybe she has a great truck for sale. Maybe she is a terrorist and we will never be seen alive again.

Supposedly she is going to meet with my wife on Monday. (She gets Sunday and Monday off from her frantic retail job.)

Never a dull moment.

I was planning to  pay her the full asking price if my mechanic gives it a clean bill of health.

Now, I think I will take at least $50 off for irritating me. Also, if she is unmarried, I may put up a warning sign outside her apartment, warning potential dates off.