RG Coming to Visit

February 28, 2009

Random Granddaughter is coming to visit on the island today. Although she is now a five-year-old genius and probably capable of swindling me into signing over the deed to our house to her, she is not yet allowed to catch a bus to the ferry terminal by herself and take the ferry to the island by herself. At least she is not supposed to.

It’s certainly in the realm of possibility that she might show up on our porch and ring the doorbell, and tell us that she has run away from her mommies. When my daughter was four, she told us she was “running away to grandma.” It took the wind out of her sales when my wife and I laughed and offered to help her pack. At five, RG may be capable of it. Although with five grandmas to choose from, we probably would not be at the top of the list. On the other hand, running away to Oregon grandma would probably involve taking a Greyhound bus, and running away to Virginia Grandmas would involve catching an airline flight across the country.

For that matter, RG might still want to bring Bunny and Special Dolly with her. Bunny in particular is a dangerous and aggressive character; I am not sure Homeland Security would let him on the plane with her.

Anyway, RG will bring her mommies with her and spend the night. We will celebrate Grandma’s 62nd birthday. Grandma doesn’t trust anyone else (even her daughter) to make her chocolate birthday cake properly, so she spent last night making herself a birthday cake she will serve tonight.