Seeds of Doubt

December 27, 2007

At any time, my blog seems to have between 10 and 20 regular readers. For some of those regular readers, it’s probably not the most enticing and endearing reading, particularly for the half or so who are conservative Christians.

The ones who stick around allow quite a bit of slack for our daughter being in a relationship with another woman and for adopting her partner’s child, who calls my daughter Mama and her birth mother Mommy.

It probably does not help either that my wife and I gradually let our daughter know as she was growing up that we regarded the idea that Jesus was born of a virgin, rose from the dead, and was the Son of God as a myth. Not only that, but we regarded Santa Claus as a myth also, though we let our daughter make up her own mind about Santa.

As Random Granddaughter’s imagination has developed, her ability to tell stories and role play has increased as well. Mommy (my daughter’s partner) has talked to RG about “pretend” and “real” information in her conversations.

On Christmas Eve, RG talked about Santa Claus.

“Is Santa Claus real or pretend?” Mommy asked her.

“Real,” RG answered.

Last year, the Barely Extended Family had a small vegetable garden in back of their little house in the medium-sized city. RG planted some green beans. Although she has some difficulty with the idea of vegetables as edible food, she did eat the green beans she grew and now considers green beans to be tolerable food; though she still has doubts about yellow wax beans. (Well, do you eat beans made of wax?)

We’ll see what happens with the seeds of doubt Mommy may have planted about Santa Claus.