A Card from RG

March 8, 2008


But first before the first, a birthday card envelope recently arrived. The handwriting on the envelope was very neat, too neat for the handwriting of a four-year-old girl, even though she is “almost grown up.” But we had a guess who sent the card.

Inside was a card and inside the card was picture of a brown sun shooting down brown and red rays on what looks like rocks and an umbrella in blue and green. Also there was a long blue squiggly I suspect is a worm. (See below.)There was also a little letter.

I don’t have a scanner. So I will have to simulate the writing as follows:

The regular writing was probably written by a mommy. The bold caps represent the part that was probably written by a four-year-old girl who is probably practicing her writing.

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Thank you for the GARDENINE TOOLS. I played with them with Mia and Ali. [Mia is RG’s best friend who lives across the street. Ali is her little sister.]

I found a


Worms help the soil.

My favorite tool is the shovel.



RG still is a little creative in how she spells her name, but so was William Shakespeare. And I doubt that Willy wrote or drew any better at four years of age.



One Response to “A Card from RG”

  1. Sounds like your gift was a big hit. For a four-year-old, RG seems to have a pretty good grasp of ecosystem health.

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